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  1. Saw this today released by HM Guv thought I would post it for information. News article UEFA Champions League Sevilla FC v Leicester City FC travel advice From: British Embassy Madrid First published: 17 February 2017 Part of: Spain Travel advice for Leicester City football fans travelling to Seville (Spain) for the Sevilla FC v Leicester City FC match on Wednesday 22 February. Advice for fans travelling to Seville for the Leicester City FC match with Sevilla FC on. Wednesday 22 February. Date: Wednesday 22 February Venue: Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán Stadium, Seville Kick off time: . 8.45pm (local time) As well as this advice, check out our travel advice for Spain Passports and visas you don’t need a visa to travel to Spain, but your passport should be valid for the proposed duration of your stay. No additional period of validity beyond this is required remember your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is valid for Spain. You should consider taking out travel insurance, even if you’re only going for one night - it could save you a lot of money if you get into difficulties you must provide ID (your passport) if requested by a police officer. The police have the right to hold you at a police station until your identity is confirmed. always take care of your passport, as obtaining a replacement is costly and time-consuming Getting to the stadium The stadium is located on the Sevilla Fútbol Club street, off the calle Luis de Morales behind the Nervion Plaza commercial centre. At the match gates will open 2 hours before the match starts, at 6.45pm Leicester City fans should enter the stadium through gates 11 and 12 you should obey Spanish Police instructions and avoid physical contact of any type (including requests to take photos etc.) if you’re you won’t be allowed into the stadium. no flares, fireworks, alcohol, cans, glass, bottle tops, food or drink are allowed in the stadium. Snacks, soft drinks and water are available inside the stadium. Flag and banner poles should be removed before entering Tips petty criminals operate in large crowds so be careful with your valuables. In Seville, as in any other city, beware of pickpockets and bag snatchers at airports, railway stations, around the town centre and when using public transport. Only carry what you need, leave spare cash and valuables in hotel safety deposits drinking in the streets in Spain is illegal, and you can be arrested for doing so Contact the British Consulate in Malaga British Consulate Malaga Edificio Eurocom 2nd floor Calle Mauricio Moro Pareto 2, 29006 Malaga (Spain) Telephone 952 352300 (also for out of hours emergencies) Office hours: Monday to Friday: 9 to 1pm For more information you can visit Emergency services numbers The local emergency services contact number is 112 Further information Leicester web Share this page Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Published: 17 February 2017 From: British Embassy Madrid Part of: Spain
  2. Vouchers arrived ticket collection point Hotel NHSevilla Viapol 0900 - 1800 local time
  3. recon he's got glasses on to drive his car
  4. thats the view of the club and I respect that Now we need a bigger response from the players on the field COYF
  5. you may find Wague if was signed after the first game so will not be used. but i'm no expert
  6. you may find Wague if was signed after the first game so will not be used but i'm no expert
  7. This may be of use I'm taking a nephew to Sevilla and was talking to a fellow city supporter who told me of some problems he had with his Grandson on his Porto trip he had a stroppy person at airport passport control asking for a concent form. I looked it up as it was news to me and found a sample form on the net if this is of use to others take a look.
  8. yes ours too, got to say the ticket office are on the ball with these credit them for this
  9. yes they have released a further batch of around 55-60 seats
  10. not sure I fancy the irish bar after the last english club t visit tbh
  11. would still think you have a chance been down this morning around 375 left on line and loads on club system around 10-20 people in queue when the doors were opened at 9
  12. no point waiting for your mate its unreserved unless he's paying or driving
  13. If your going to have a heart attack best place is in a room full of 400/500 people chances are that saved his life last night. If he was at home in front of the Telly watching MOTD it could well have been a worse outcome. Love to hear the great storey teller spilling the funny beans on footballers lives & old times, know doubt he will tell this storey for years to come get well soon
  14. It maybe due to being half term in some parts of the uk and their bigger planes diverted onto busy routes with their hotel / package holiday business
  15. Don't give up on a ticket mate T C have just lost a customer I'm sure you still have a chance of a flight and ticket try these boys