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  1. Is it just me who read the thread title as 'host porn'?
  2. Any of your lot got spare refs for the Derby game at all??
  3. Stag do in eindhoven in March, catching a PSV match whilst there. Family holiday to Abu Dhabi in April.
  4. Unbelievably my wife is Blonde Jihadi - very apt
  5. It's the bit at the opposite end to the green leafy bit.
  6. That poem in the middle section doesn't even rhyme
  7. Just call me Mr fixit
  8. No. He's in the team
  9. Stuck with this. Is it ainsley harriot?
  10. It's www.dogshitawaygameagain.com
  11. Joy. Streams just died
  12. Also looking at doing this, waiting for a couple of lads to get back to me but seems the best option. How many of you going?
  13. Why are leverkusen playing in Munich???
  14. You can watch it live on UEFA website
  15. Just had 10 goes on this whist on the pan . Got sevilla twice, Munich there times and real 5 times...