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  1. Chelsea or charlton
  2. Bemused everyone...
  3. Bull shit if true
  4. #savethestatuesforseville
  5. Nail on the head. It was never supposed to happen to a club like ours, never will again. I loved the MON era but last season pisses all over that. It was just relentless, joyful, exhilarating, crazy and mind blowing. I've accepted that it was a one-off and am looking forward to some great aways in the championship next year. Thanks for the memories, 2016...
  6. Please try a bit
  7. ££££££££££££££
  8. Claudigo Ranteary
  9. I don't have the answer to that...
  10. Maybe they will switch to a back 3 of Morgan, Huth and Fuchs
  11. I'm off on a stag do to eindhoven in March and we're seeing a PSV game while we are there. Shame I won't get bummed in a van though...
  12. Is it just me who read the thread title as 'host porn'?
  13. Any of your lot got spare refs for the Derby game at all??