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  1. Protest on Saturday to let the world and owners know we don't want the owl faced **** as manager?
  2. Frank De Boer is a shout at relatively big odds
  3. Frank De Boer is a massive shout at big odds
  4. Why the **** is Musa playing? Shit ****.
  5. Should have been Kapustka over Musa and Gray over Albrighton.
  6. I'd love to see a Gray, Kapustka, Mahrez 3 behind Slimani up top. Just once!!
  7. How refreshing it is to have 2 centre backs that can play football!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Squad is full of ****ing rats. No excuse for shifting inside info out to journalists. The shithouses don't wanna take the flack for playing like a bunch of ***** so are throwing Claudio under the bus.
  9. Desperately need a right back and a centre back who don't treat the ball like a bomb. Oh and start Chilwell every game. Fuchs is beyond shite at the minute.
  10. Could have quite easily played this instead: Kasper Albrighton Morgan Huth Chilwell Mahrez Drinkwater Ndidi Gray Vardy Okazaki
  11. I give up.
  12. This. Swap Simpson/Fuchs for Albrighton/Chilwell and the difference would be like night and day! The back 4 is massively holding us back at the minute. The fact we don't have centre backs capable of playing football and full backs who cannot get up and down the field is the downfall of this side.
  13. We desperately need 2 new centre backs. Just spend the ****ing money!
  14. It would be nice to having some centre backs that can actually play ****ing football. Jesus Christ!
  15. We were better in the first half before we switched back to 442.