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  1. Couple of players dead on their feet need to make changes.
  2. Yes but I don't see how that's relevant.
  3. Okazaki either has the touch of Messi or the touch of a pub footballer. There's never an in between - I just wish he'd stop controlling it with his back to goal so his poor touches didn't start their attacks.
  4. Silly goal to concede. Top from the first whistle and could have ran away with it - given them a route back in and confidence. Still ours to lose.
  5. Love this line: "No other team left in this most exclusive of competitions would ever dream, as Leicester did, of allowing the ball to run out of play because it might offer an opportunity to launch a long throw into the box."
  6. Like the logo. Think the top part is a darker blue than the rest of the page though? Mine changes colour sharply a few inches down.
  7. Why does Pat Murphy only ever seem to be at our press conferences when there's an opportunity to have a dig at someone? Club should just tell him to piss off if he's just going to show his head to shit stir. Using modus operandi was completely intentional - would have preferred Danny to respond along the lines of "talk in English you dickhead this is a football press conference".
  8. Rudkin to the rescue! Get it done.
  9. I'm greedy so can't help but think of the season we could have had playing like the last two games. Got to give the job to Craig now.
  10. ...follow the boys and Craig and co
  11. Their goal came from nothing. We've played well and similar to Monday - we'll win this.
  12. at this performance. What the hell is going on at our club.
  13. Pff come on he doesn't once say "no I didn't have a meeting or express my opinion to the owners about Claudio". He just keeps saying, generally, the players ultimately don't make or influence any decision (which is a load of rubbish, obviously, as their performances on the pitch influence decisions). Very simple attempt to avoid answering a simple and direct question. Politician-esque. Just seen this quote on an article - not sure if I missed it or it was excluded from the video but apparently he's said: "At no point have they taken our advice or asked for our consultation on the manager's future. That is their job and their prerogative." That's more of a no than the rest, but I don't see why he can't just say "no" if there's no truth in it.
  14. The problem is we have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. These guys spend most of their lives together in the same way we all do with our colleagues at work. We only see the charismatic side of him as a manager for a couple of hours a week. I think the players have let him down, but you also have to think that for so many to have shrunk away, refused to expressly support him and the various other news we've been fed in recent weeks, something was not quite right day-to-day. The players might have been complete a**holes, but they might also be right.
  15. O'Neill temporarily til the end of the season, give the players the sort of motivational kick we need to survive. Then look long term and chuck everything at Howe.