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  1. Absolutely incredible that something like this wouldn't be scrutinised and just be accepted as fact. Club's response has been top notch though.
  2. Statue of Leicester suffragette set to be built after donation by man who owns the former factory where she used to work. Nice story. http://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/businessman-makes-62-400-donation-to-pay-for-statue-of-leicester-suffragette-alice-hawkins/story-30233245-detail/story.html
  3. Again, this is not "reverting" to anything as I made clear in an earlier post. This technology has never been available in England before. Other benefits other than civil liberties: - Spectator safety: Literally tens of thousands of people stand up at football grounds every week. This is not going to change. Rail seating, with crush barriers on every single row, will allow them to do so safely. - Comfort: Standing can be more comfortable for supporters with conditions such as back problems (like me), and taller people (also me). Should we not be allowed to choose to do so rather than being forced to sit on what can often be extremely uncomfortable plastic seats for extended periods of time? Care to refute either of those points?
  4. "Daddy daddy, can we go to a cricket match?" "No son, course we fvcking can't, it's 60 miles away in Nottingham." Poor idea that will completely alienate supporters of the smaller counties which, let's not forget, have been some of the most successful in T20.
  5. I'm not against expansion per se if it's done sensibly with adequate consideration given to good ticket pricing (and, hopefully, safe standing), but the fact we couldn't sell out a game where tickets were a tenner each earlier this year ought to be factored in too. Perhaps it's not as great a necessity as people make out.
  6. Perhaps you'd care to expand if you're so well informed? It seems every point you've come up with in opposition to it as a concept has been refuted by other posters so far.
  7. It would be an idea which would most likely kill the club in the long term, as well as many businesses currently relying on matchday trade in the short term. For me, there are absolutely no benefits to it. Anyone who's ever visited an out-of-town ground (in this country) will be able to testify just what awful things they are.
  8. Anybody seriously touting a ground move wants their head checking. As others have said, I'd likely stop going.
  9. Actually the only places in England to pronounce /r/ are the West Country and East Lancashire. Southerners pronounce a 'long a' /a:/ vowel sound in such words.
  10. Lack of organisation is the main issue for me. Sad fact is that in an age where pay on the gate and stand where you like is almost non-existent, where away tickets have to be purchased weeks beforehand, and a core demographic of 16-35s are often priced out of attending, like-minded people need to be more organised than they ever were in the past. Sadly, few actually attempt it because it's not seen as the done thing in this country.
  11. Aberdeen's Red Ultras used to have a link with Boavista, Green Brigade at Celtic also used to be friends with a group at Toulon in the French fourth division. Rangers and Hamburg is a big one too, think it predates the Celtic-Pauli thing.
  12. Swansea-Den Haag - one of the biggest and longest going I think. All started when a young Den Haag fan wrote to Swansea to find a pen pal so he could practise his English. He later went on to become their chairman. Think a lot of those mentioned are just personal friendships rather than anything.
  13. Do people seriously still swallow this? We paid three different prices for our three away group games FFS. Hardly good regulation if the home clubs have no say is it? Club used the "blame UEFA" excuse with the away ticket collection system and they're seeking to excuse their greed by touting the same shit in this instance too.
  14. Any increase would only ever work if we decreased ticket prices at the same time.
  15. I get the argument about expsoure etc, but I fail to see how simply naming someone would do that. Going overboard on backgrounder coverage of him? Well yes, that's when responsible journalism needs to step up. It's a shame it doesn't always happen. It's unworkable anyway. There are presumably going to be inquests and, possibly, court cases related to this attack. His name would become public knowledge then in any case. We'd live in a very dodgy society, the kind terrorists want us to live in, if we changed the principles of open democracy purely to stop copycats from wanting to commit this kind of attack.