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  1. You should write an open letter to them. That'll show 'em.
  2. Think it belongs to a bloke from Slough.
  3. We gonna do another gesture usually reserved for the dead in their honour then?
  4. OK, well that is ridiculous.
  5. You're joking right? Seriously, find a single person who didn't swallow their pride over that. You'd have to be an utter cretin not to.
  6. Yeah good luck with that.
  7. He asked what more they could do. That would be one thing that would make me a bit happier and give the ground a bit more character.
  8. Olympiacos v Besiktas should be a quiet one. Gent v Genk and Schalke v Gladbach too.
  9. Of course they do. UEFA don't set the prices.
  10. Shame nobody told Portsmouth, Luton, Rangers etc that free fvcking doughnuts would've saved their clubs.
  11. Not stinging people for Euro home games in an already expensive season and less King Power branding round the ground would be great.
  12. Nice idea. Where's the link though?
  13. Think even the Pope would kill for the level of infallibility they enjoy among some of our fans...
  14. Hopefully people's throats are too.
  15. It was a sarky comment mate. Not sure how that's breeding an "us v them" mentality? Nothing better than when the whole ground's going for it together, whatever noise they're making.