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  1. Close but no cigar today. Shame we couldn't restrict India a bit more after the great start this morning.
  2. That'll be our lot. They'll sell their ends out no problem.
  3. Doubt you'll be able to. It's not very big and home fans only.
  4. Audi is behind the ground off the A6, near the Hungry Horse called The Merlin. Lots of the units around there do matchday parking. My missus works round the corner from the ground and it's double yellows for miles everywhere. And it'll look awful on TV too.
  5. I live there and all the ones I know are well up for it.
  6. They clearly haven't heard what our last two Euro away ends were like then.
  7. Wrong end of town for me so no idea. It's got more chance of still being in place than a sheep's head would mind.
  8. Navigation. Usually where we all get "encouraged" to go.
  9. Yep, most likely. As I've said before there are a couple on Midland Road that possibly will, plus I believe the Royal Telegraph is away friendly. The boozers directly opposite the station are all home only. If you can slip the police and head into town you might have a bit of luck, but wouldn't bank on it. Avoid Neptune and Jorrocks if you do. Harvester and Hungry Horse near the ground are both home only I think.
  10. Think 'Die Welt' was closer to the mark...
  11. Piece of piss. Great way to alienate half my audience before my speech began though.
  12. Did Best Man in September and that was our order. Bride's dad's a big Coventry fan so gave me plenty of time to think of some comebacks for his digs at Leicester, not that I needed much.
  13. Yeah, mad how we don't use that version if we can't have it live.
  14. While I generally share a lot of the 'Against Modern Football' sentiment, I do wish those who bleat about it would do more to combat it themselves. You've got organisations such as the FSF constantly fighting on issues like policing/ticket pricing/standing/drinking during the game, but their campaigns are only as good as the numbers who get behind them. Joining up and actively supporting their work is the best thing you can do to get the things you want back. Moaning, describing organised supporters' groups as "cringe/mongy" etc and putting #AMF next to everything won't. But then, we do live in England so I think we can guess what most would rather do.
  15. Cheers for your thoughts Cruella.