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  1. Dyche still hasn't gotten over Wood's thunderbolt.
  2. Probably odds on as soon as I put money on him
  3. Melon and moon racer double!
  4. I didn't make gold 3 last night after Handanovic decided to throw the ball into my own net after catching a corner in the 117th minute. That's me done for the weekend league
  5. Guessing you're also a fan of the football weekly podcast and world football phone in Richardson is great, nobody comes close to Tim Vickery though, the man is an encyclopedia of South American football knowledge.
  6. Here's to hoping that Mr Hodgson takes the Narborough Road route to his next interview and gets stage fright when he passes Iceland.
  7. I've got 89 Mertens using him as a cam and although he's good I can't get him to nif Dybala's level, what player instructions do you use?
  8. If Naingolan gets any more in forms, all of his stats will be near 90 odd, insane!
  9. This won't happen. What were the odds on Preki again??
  10. 16 wins this weekend with my budget Bundesliga side, shocking although, Volland was a revalation 42 goals and 1500 coins! why can't they do Calcio a requirements, I'm just about to win Div 1 with with Dybala and Co.
  11. Haha I saw that, thought you put him in his place tbh!
  12. Donut even go there.
  13. Bielsa please, will never happen though as he'd makes Pearsons antics look as controversial as a James milner haircut.
  14. Cheers, I've made a hybrid atm but I'm gonna have to shoehorn sanches in somewhere. Got 50000 coins to spend so I'll see if I can afford any of the others.
  15. Right, anyone got any good tips on bundes/la liga players for this weekend? I know renato sanches is supposed to be good?