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  1. I got a hire care hopefully arranged for Tuesday driving to Seville Wednesday and straight back Malaga after game as flight home Thursday poss got space depending on what size car I have as only me and my nephew so far
  2. I used cheap but can never get a response from them to any questions
  3. I get into Malaga Tuesday morning leaving Thursday morning not decided on getting to Seville yet but have booked a hire car
  4. From where and when?
  5. I just got mine quite quickly 1 block is gone apart from 1 ticket I think
  6. One of my favourite aways from last year the Sunderland fans were some of best I have come across looking forward to it whenever it's on this time
  7. not man left at all on the 2 blocks got mine on row 25
  8. Only got mine yesterday and ordered mine ages ago as well
  9. loving those prices and will be having words with Jobber when I see him :xmastongue:
  10. just looked myself and booked as shocked how many we have sold
  11. been told a couple of weeks ago its £62 this time not the £26 we paid last season I hope its wrong but due to our league position I doubt it
  12. I can't make this so will have 2 refs available on P1
  13. I have 2 x p1 refs spare I am going but don't need them, one adult one u18
  14. yes I do
  15. I am doing the Liverpool game the week after so wont be needing mine I have 2 refs available