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  1. +1 for Bovril. Whatever genius came up with idea of drinkable beef needs a Nobel Prize
  2. Yep, a traditional burrito is a very bland dish, and I believe was invented for the same reason the Cornish pasty was - an easy way for workmen to eat a pre-prepared lunch. The original version wouldn't have had any sauce or cheese on it, I doubt sour cream would have featured as it would spoil before lunchtime. Just a tortilla with rice and beans, and, if you weren't impoverished, meat
  3. And a gherkin
  4. Yeah if we're adding all that shit, then fish and chips you can put a battered sausage, cheese, pickled onions, gravy, pineapple fritter and a steak and kidney pie
  5. Kebab and fish n chips Kebab was a tougher call, but if you've had a proper one you'll know it's a great dish. I love Mexican food but tend to find burritos can be pretty bland, loaded up with rice and beans. Fish and chips wins that one
  6. That makes a hell of a lot more sense! The article I saw said £39.99 RRP with no mention of any future DLC included, thought it was mental
  7. Only just seen - it's £39.99 RRP I spent less than that on the whole game! No way should a little map pack and a few extra guns cost more than £15, £20 at a push. I guess ever since Nintendo brought out 1-2-Switch for £60 the whole industry's thought average Joe has had a massive payrise
  8. What a save
  9. Get well soon Benny
  10. Great interception from our Benny there
  11. What was Fuchs/Mahrez unhappy about? Am I imagining that or did Fuchs lob the ball away at the whistle in anger?
  13. Ahhhhhh does anyone have a stream that isn't blaring out with a weird emergency alert?!?
  15. Xbox One - is anyone still getting the black screen glitch where nothing displays except the HUD? Fvcking hell this is the worst. Spent 30 minutes in and out of games (including resetting the console) before I found a match that actually worked. Then a new glitch appeared that I've never come across - super slow running, like running through treacle. Maybe a connection issue but it said I had full connection. Was thinking about getting the DLC but this is unacceptable, what a load of shit