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  1. One spare adult ticket, if anyone interested send me a message
  2. I've often thought this very same fact, seems crazy that Foxestalk encourages the abuse of the priority system. I want to re-iterate that I'm sure the majority of high priority fans do attend the majority of games and the loyalty system works well it the main. I've no issue with them offloading the odd spare to a mate. My issue is the people who regularly sell tickets to complete strangers for games they have no intention of going on the basis that its "their earned right"
  3. Gobsmacked that Brugee only sold out today and still Copenhagen tickets available for tomorrow. Was sure i was going to miss out on 169 but managed to get tickets for all 3 as well as the first 3 away games against Hull, Liverpool and Man Utd. Seems that games on TV are not that a big draw for some high priority "loyal" fans. I tried to buy tickets for several games last year and couldn't which would have took me to 170 easily but just couldn't get them eg Watford etc. However did buy a ticket for Liverpool away off a higher priority mate who couldn't attend. Think there is a massive difference between someone that can't go on Boxing Day due to other commitments to someone who buys every ticket just because they can and so they get a "loyalty" point in the knowledge that they can sell them on and only attend a handful of games that suit them. What I also find ridiculous is that i was on 169 points so 19 away games on top of 150 yet only get 1 day priority over someone thats not been any away game. Guess it the same old debate that over a fair way of doing it and there always going to be ways to beat whatever system are in place. For me the passport control for Champions League was a godsend otherwise I'd never have got tickets.
  4. I ordered mine this morning and had my email confirmation at 9:03 however they hadnt allocated me a ticket...just phoned them up and they have now sorted. On the website it says restricted view only left, but if you phone up theyve still got some. If you booked this morning I'd check your order to make sure it went through okay, and if youre still after one give the ticket office a ring!
  5. Yer thought it was the typical speil just can't ever remember seeing it in black and white. Think I'm clutching at straws having gone from p2 to p4 ha ha. Im not sure how much it goes on really but even if 20 people do it then it's 20 people who may have been able to get a ticket through their genuine priority miss out. I'd like to think that the ticket office stick to the rules they set out but Im not that naive... Does it bother anyone else that people share their refs partly to get their priority up or am I just a whinging little bitch? I know some people might get tickets for mates if they can't go themselves etc but it's more the point if people give their refs out to random people on this website for example. I often see requests for refs just wasn't sure how much this happens, and wondered what other people's thoughts were........
  6. I've never been asked either which is why I wondered whether it was a new policy, but I think we all know the shortcomings of the ticket office..............
  7. Just looking at the Hull ticket details/new priorities banding etc and noticed the below: Supporters purchasing tickets for this fixture in the City Fanstore MUST bring their Season Card with them and any Season Card of those whom they are looking to purchase tickets for. Please note that supporters who fail to bring the relevant Season Cards will not be sold tickets under any circumstances. Supporters purchasing tickets over the phone MUST be able to provide the full address details including post code and also date of birth of those whom they are looking to purchase tickets for. Supporters are also reminded that all tickets are non-transferable and must remain in the possession of the Season Ticket Holder. Has this always been the case? I can't recall seeing this before? I know there is often talk of people lending people their client refs, but not sure to what degree this happens? Would be good if this is a new initiative to help ensure those that actually go to the games get the loyalty points. I don't suppose the club can actually police the part about the tickets being non-transferable so might just be a case of any points hoarders just buying and selling.........
  8. thought i'd have a look on their website out of curiosity and saw their new shirt sponsor........
  9. pretty much could have picked any team and chose chelsea....ffs I'd have understood more if he'd wanted to play for a top european team in a different league but chelsea? he'll regret it come next may when he could have won his second premier league winners medal and champions league medal....
  10. went there yesterday at 4:15 said hadn't got any ffs. Went another 3coops yesterday as the mercury said they were getting more stock in for fathers day but no luck. Been about 15 shops now grrrrr. Might just have to stop being stubborn about paying some money grabbing weasel whos making money on them and get one off eBay....
  11. v Derby 2000, collymore broken leg. lennon got sent off and we lost 3-0. not a good day.
  12. Feed the Croat and he will score...
  14. this would be quality simple and catchy