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  1. But it would have worked if he could actually score with his feet
  2. we certainly did it the hard way
  3. 30 million for that shit
  4. Musa is a waste of space
  5. Vardy off? should be Okazaki
  6. he's one payer that shouldn't be on the pitch
  7. And we are away to Everton on the Sunday so only get a couple of days rest!
  8. they are good players but would they have won us the league if they was here last year? I doubt it
  9. I love Ndidi but I'm never going to get over Kante he was simply amazing! he was literally 2-3 players in one, he is the best midfielder in the world right now
  10. What happened to 15th is that already taken?
  11. The thought of having Hodgson will do that to you
  12. I think you are spot on, If shaky gets the job the one thing that bothers me is new signings, will players who have never heard of him be interested in coming
  13. Mancini has said he won't come here unfortunately
  14. So sorry I thought it was about Ranieri