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  1. We killed them wtf
  2. Leicester legend appearing in the Leicester section shouldn't be too surprising
  3. I've lost my voice lmao
  4. Where's Rachel
  5. It's Shakes amongst the players it seems like and Shakey on here, or they use both but lately I've seen Shakes
  6. Lmao all attacking players. Kanté's easily, easily in the top 10 in the league.
  7. Get him in rn as director of football
  8. He has the worst taste I've seen in somebody above 14 years of age tbh
  9. Yeah we should've fired him much sooner good point
  10. I swear both commentators on my stream are saying Rosicky tbh
  11. We're winning
  12. Ndidi...
  13. Wonder where Roy'll play this one
  14. Yeah England was the epitome of exciting football :^)