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  1. Really don't want Pearson back.
  2. Thank you Claudio for putting a smile on my face, pride in my heart and for creating memories that will endure forever Unforgettable
  3. Stringer says yes
  4. He'd be ok for getting us in the play-offs.
  5. Can't argue with the decision on what I've seen this season and how we have recruited Shame we won't be able to give him a proper goodbye like he deserves
  6. We lost yet it feels like we mugged them
  7. I'm hallucinating
  8. Must've had Botox on his bollocks
  9. Men v Boys at the moment
  10. Seville are playing a game I don't recognise
  11. Poor Conrad
  12. My first thought was "Conrad's let himself go"
  13. Tactics for this one - Hide laser pen in sock. - Shine in opposition player's eye when no one looking - Play for 0-0
  14. Big mistake writing that letter. The Millwall chairman can't read.
  15. But we were the underdogs v Millwall according to the manager.