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  1. He looks fuming with that pushchair
  2. Shiiiiitttt! Doesn't sound good.
  3. Pray for danger, I'll put the details on here nearer the time. ATM I'm concentrating on running the London marathon for Loros
  4. I'm a Hunstanton kind of guy, I'm sure it's lovely. I will be going this year funnily enough, may bank holiday I'm biking there for charity.
  5. A boost for Skegness economy?
  6. Perfectly normal behaviour.
  7. Quite.
  8. Didn't Dave Gorman base a sketch show around this? I seem to remember something vaguely around this.
  9. I have conflicted feelings on this, but overall I'm grateful for the peace that's been secured.
  10. What did it look like before?
  11. Best wishes ken.
  12. It's just a lot of photos have come from screenshots, that seem to be being passed off as photos that belong to the person. Seems a bit iffy.
  13. A big picture of Garry Parker holding the severed head of Cristian Vieri for Atletico please.
  14. Not difficult at all mate, time consuming as you will need to remove all the loose grout and probably take off a fair bit of the existing to get a decent base. Doing the grouting itself won't be the issue, getting the old stuff prepped to ensure a good job will be the challenge. @Webbo will probably make me look a twat here though.