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  1. I don't get it.
  2. It makes you laugh, hypocritical to the extreme. We don't want you to perform for trump because his politics are nasty! If you do perform we will kill you!
  3. Don't get me started on lane hogs, four or five lane motorways are the worst. It's like people think they are a free for all and different rules apply. How is keep to the furthest left unless overtaking a difficult rule to understand? Oh and people who sit in the outside lane at dual carriageways because they intend to turn right in 3 miles time, can get fĂșcked as well.
  4. Sexist?
  5. I get this all the time, I actually slow down now and maintain the same speed as the car next to me, until they back off.
  6. Very impressive, the sort of run of performances that can give him the belief to really kick on. How far can he go?
  7. Should walk onto 'chemical brothers galvanise' imo.
  8. Nah
  9. A chilling theory
  10. Win the league. win the champions league. Win the FA cup.
  11. Never heard of him, he sounds like a clever player.
  12. Rafael.
  13. Controlled border doesn't mean less, it means we can pick the best candidates to enrich our society/workforce. You wouldn't put an advert out for a job and say first to turn up gets it. You said it yourself, the polish only bring over plumbers or similar trades, we can invest in our low achieving school leavers or unemployed to fill those positions, pretty quickly.
  14. A proper 4-3-3 with the pace we possess should be lethal.
  15. I would love to see rafa back as a contender, its such a pity how injuries have been his downfall.