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  1. Im in bits, i know its not been great and the decision is in good faith but its crushing. I will never forget. I've still not got over pearson properly, this will take longer. Best of luck to him, i really hope he has more sucess. What a charming gent.
  2. It would cost them much more than they would get in return to take six people to court for what im assuming is quite a low fee. Call the bluff.
  3. Fùck off clean shirt!
  4. Yeah credit where credits due, he wasn't the usual corrupt shithead.
  5. La liga ain't all that
  6. I should start over musa.
  7. Can we all agree musa is not a footballer?
  8. At least we scored and looked a bit of threat.
  9. Mmmmmm.
  10. Well that changes things.
  11. Looking forwards to relegation now. Get rid of this shite.
  12. WTF is this defending.
  13. C'mon then Gray!