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  1. He had us down to lose 3-1 actually
  2. Behave mate. If you can't see how hard he worked then you were watching the wrong game. Oh yeah he scored too
  3. To where and where have you found this?
  4. Whether vardy nearly went down or not was irrelevant. The ref gave them both a yellow and would have done either way. No idea why so much is being made of this.
  5. Has to be the best night the KP will ever witness. I feel the buzz again. We've got our Leicester back !!
  6. Does anyone remember Kante having a bad game? I genuinely can't think of one.
  7. They were seriously poor today and if alaves had someone who could finish they would have comfortably won. They hit the woodwork a couple of times and missed some guilt edge chances. As someone above mentioned they looked jaded and tired and flustered under pressure from alaves. With our regained style we have a real chance here. Should be noted though they were missing Nasri who is very influential for them
  8. The buzz for the champions league is back! With us now doing well in the league with back to back wins and 5pts clear of relegation zone, we can appreciate the biggest game in Leicester City history. This will be special
  9. I booked train back from Sevilla to Madrid march 1st somehow
  10. Meh hu India wala fox
  11. Something tells me there will be a magical night at the KP in a couple of weeks which will pave the way for an even better all dayer in the sunshine in April
  12. Well it was about 7pm couple of hours before kick off in the sun and everyone was ruined. Come to think of it where did the pineapple come from ?
  13. Genuine chance of going through mate if we play like we did on Monday
  14. All of this Ranieri stuff has taken the shine off what a wonderful couple of days it was in sunny Seville. Haven't seen many videos and pictures. Videos and Pictures please.
  15. On the Madrid to Seville train currently. Where's everyone at in Seville ?