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  2. Anyone got any tickets for sale? I'll get in queue.
  3. Precisely my point. They didn't really have any chances against Real and if Madrid had taken their chances they'd have been more than a goal up. They're a good side but people are really giving them too much credit. We're in the last 16 of the champions league ffs, we can play football. You'd think we were a sunday league team judging by the comments on here.
  4. We're staying in the ibis near the train station so it's easier the morning after the game. God knows where that is in context to where everyone's drinking. It is going to be a magical couple of days can't wait now
  5. So much negativity it's unbelievable. You forget we won our group very easily and won the premier league last year. I know sevilla are a quality side and are flying high at the moment but people are speaking as though they are a footballing giant with the best players in the world playing for them. They have good players but ask yourself how many of their players would get into top premier league sides. We dismantled the premier league last year and have clearly been a lot better in the champions league than in the league this year partly because the players are fully focused on it rightly or wrongly. It's a knockout tie and i think our team deserves a lot more respect than it is getting on here.
  6. http://www.lcfc.com/news/article/2016-17/derby-fa-cup-clash-on-sale-from-monday-3516662.aspx
  7. We arrive on the Wednesday morning 9.45am - all flights that day seem to be expensive
  8. Anyone found any cheaper train tickets from Madrid to Seville ?
  9. Rather be playing Sevilla than either of the Madrids, Bayern, Barca, JUve etc. Sevilla have european experience we don't but at least we have a chance of progressing and makingit competitive, unlike a game against the aforementioned where we would most definitely be out after 1 leg.
  10. In all honesty he's right. How was he going to find space for the sandwiches, the flask, the armchair, foot stool, binoculars, cutlery set and his whole family in a free for all unreserved seating away end.
  11. Will 181 points be enough for a ticket do we think ?
  12. Was decent today. Felt a bit more like last season.
  13. Where you getting the £49 return train ?
  14. I booked as soon as date came out with Ryanair. From Stansted returning on 23rd
  15. On a return to Madrid £40 - leaving 22nd 6.30am returning from Madrid 23rd 12.55pm. Anyone else doing this and what's best option to get to Seville? Only one I can see is train which takes 2hr 30 min and costs 80 quid return