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  1. On the Madrid to Seville train currently. Where's everyone at in Seville ?
  2. Which hotels are people in ?
  3. Buzzing for this now! I think we'll come away with a 1-1 draw
  4. Crikey liven up only the biggest game in our history
  5. Any videos of his miss flying around? I was there but I just can't seem to remember when this happened 😂
  6. It's follow the boys and Claudio mate
  7. I will give it my all in the stands today but if the players don't show anything I won't be holding back at full time
  8. Sevilla have sold out
  9. If we didn't have mahrez we would be a very very average side.
  10. To think last week I had to comment on a thread that said should we have sold mahrez. He is 10 levels above every single one of our players. Keep the ball like we did second half and he will do amazing things for us. Simple
  11. Any free parking in Derby ?
  12. ill have it
  13. Look at how we've played without Mahrez and that should answer your question. He is by far the best player we have
  14. I'll take the Derby ones mate