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  1. Around 8am ish?
  2. Chillwell was poor, I have honestly never rated him
  3. Bin him now it may already be to late
  4. Is it only me that thinks get vardy on? Probably?!
  5. Please struggling today
  6. If that's all they've got I'm cancelling my flight 😉
  7. Still 2 seats in a hire car available leaving Malaga early Wednesday morning if people are still looking.
  8. You and me both Col I never expected anything like last year but also never expected anything this bad
  9. No shots on target is slightly embarrassing
  10. Hi im on the outbound flight and booked the holiday inn by Malaga airport on the Tuesday still not decided how to get to Sevilla Wednesday morning, I fly back on the Friday. If space there are 2 of us or if I needed to rent a car I would have space for 2 others.
  11. Did not rate chillwell but he has been excellent today always looked solid
  12. Any more left please pm me !
  13. Any tickets left from anyone looking for 1 or 2 adults
  14. That's was very worrying, we have no spark anymore.... hopefully we can grind enough points out but it not good to watch