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  1. The only parts of our ground that consistently generate atmosphere are where the people are stood, imo. Re your second point too, I don't think people want a return to coin throwing, hooliganism and streams of piss running down the terrace - just a better way to accommodate the fans who want to act more boisterously. I don't think it'd be a direct return to what you saw 30 years ago
  2. Better than playing the old brand of football we'd play and shithousing a win, not a bad performance that
  3. Really enjoying our performance here tbf
  4. Hope Vardy's told to play for England the same way he's done for us in the last few weeks
  5. Surely the fact that a lot of clubs can't be bullied into selling their best players anymore is a good thing
  6. I remember an interview with Shakey that was put on here at the back end of last season, and I thought then that he represented everything I believed in in football. I hoped that he was being groomed to take over from Ranieri, but obviously everything moved quite quickly in that regard. Really rate the guy, I can't think of anyone out there who i'd rather have in charge
  7. Absolutely no one thinks it's going to be easy, we're just very confident in our team while accepting that you are very much the favorites. Nothing but respect for the way Atletico have done things over the last 6/7 years personally
  8. There's no one like Vardy on his day, he scares defenders absolutely shitless
  9. De Gea, Courtois, Neuer and Buffon are probably in their own bracket, but Kasper is just below those guys for me. In there with the likes of Lloris, Oblak etc. When was the last time he even did something wrong?
  10. Refused to play for Ranieri then apologised and committed to the team when he didn't get a move he was promised
  11. Yeah I remember him looking absolutely dead in the Community Shield. Seemed like Ranieri didn't have any confidence in our players as actual footballers this season, he looks even better than he did last year at the minute
  12. Isn't that just ignorance though? I agree that he's not done enough to warrant him being our record signing by a distance, but in terms of what he actually brings I still like him. Charged around like a madman today and his touch to set him in on the 1 on 1 was quality. He's a weird one, we've looked a better team when Shinji's started recently but I still think Slimani has a chance here. If we can recoup what we paid for him in the Summer i'd probably take it but he's not worth the stick he's been getting on here.
  13. He looked so unfit earlier in the season. I love him when he's in this form, such an honest worker and has recently showed real quality again