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  1. That shake of the head said it all.
  2. Can't say I will ever watch a presser from an American college team again .
  3. He's coming home he's coming home he's coming Prekis coming home.
  4. The odds suggest nobody has a ****ing clue what's going on which is pretty accurate considering it's all down to Rudkin.
  5. I think for us we should go for a Hiddink till the end of the season and then re assess. Wagner has clearly done a fantastic job there but if we appointed him, went down and had a shit start it could be very tough. PS fully aware of how daft that sounds but I guess I want someone with prem experience for this season.
  6. Plays a blinder on the bongos.
  7. Heard he tweeted "Hope you get relegated now, pricks"
  8. Imagine when it's announced during the match on Monday that we rename the stadium after him, the players would drown in tears!
  9. 'Almost'
  10. Knew there was a camera in my bathroom, perve.
  11. Well that's done me.
  12. Whatever happens we have the same team as last season minus Kante, We have enough about us to stay up if they are set up correctly and play for their manager.
  13. A better chance? Really?
  14. Says it all really.
  15. Or you know, taking the Premier League champions down.