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  1. Relax, You will get one.
  2. They will clearly be for Thomas Cook, If they don't sell them packages (Which they have) then they would become available. The TO confirmed that they don't release all blocks etc at the same time also so may hold them back for release later.
  3. What was her number more like dirty cow.
  4. Il give you a werthers original.
  5. Loads of tickets left with the club, I asked them earlier and they sai 4 blocks hasn't even been opened yet.
  6. He's staying out for the semis mate, wise move.
  7. Fish and chips gone in the next round, you heard it here first.
  8. Have we met?
  9. Yeah that works for people willing to die anyway doesn't it. You can't stop a crazy person with access to a car doing this, simple as.
  10. Always bump into players/Ex players in the gym. Ulloa, Dean Hammond, Hamer, De Laet and Luke Varney go in there. Have to stop myself humming "Du du du du du du du du du du du" to Hamer.
  11. Hes got the best tits in the team.
  12. I will be the one on there with bags under my eyes bigger than my hand luggage and constantly moaning about how tired I am. See you there.
  13. These are great. One of my mates asked me what a McHammer was... He meant MC Hammer. The same person also once told me he likes listening to a bit of Jay Zed.
  14. The terraces, a song for you.
  15. Nice, il be be one trying to convince myself I will like oysters this time and puking in a corner.