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  1. What are you chatting about? Chat Sheet get banged! Musa was like for like with vards, slim gives us a stronger (tougher, to hold ip the ball and sliw down play) option up front and can defend headers too and chillwell came in to help sure it up. I felt thr dubs were spot on. Still unconvinced by Musa though.
  2. A true hero! My son's middle name is Kasper after him. We will both forever remember Kasper's heroics. I will be gutted if Kasper leaves, but would understand why. <3
  3. Thanks Mark. Looking good so far. Cheers for everything you do. This forum is incredible!
  4. No way. We need to press them high up the pitch. Give them space and they will punish us. They can play out of the back very effectively. Shinji and Vards are a must, press, press, press. Pressure, pressure, pressure. We need to hit them early and shake them up. So excited for this. I finally feel like we are back to last season's team. Now lets get out there and book our place in the next round. We're all going on a european tour............
  5. I'm still looking for my flamingo from the Everton game last year! Think some scouser nabbed it! Biggest game in our history! Winning the champs league will be even bigger than the prem win! Finally we could silence Forest and their european cup chants. Lets make some f#@#ing noise!
  6. Happened again @ 6.29
  7. Would love Powell back here. Wasn't Phillips doing a role at Derby too? Get em both in!
  8. Next time it happens Mark. I will.
  9. Just strange how it only occurs on this site. It happened again just not @ 18.37
  10. Thanks. Will look into a new browser.
  11. Hi folks. I keep getting redirected to random advert sites on my phone. It only seems to happen when I go on foxestalk and not everytime. Is anyone else experiencing this or is it a virus I have?
  12. It's so true isn't it! So here I am coming towards the end of a work day with piles of paperwork to do. And what do I do? Go on FT in hope someone can make me feel less exhausted instead of cracking the paperwork.
  13. Still addicted. Have to be up in 5 hours but still posting! Love reading back old threads. Love laughing at myself l and my immaturity as a teenager. I can't believe the journey we have all been on over the last few years. It really has been incredible. Life has changed so much. Anyone else still hopelessly addicted and feeling in a nood for reminisce?
  14. Please no! The bloke has lost the plot. Gone senial. His tactics at the world cup were atrocious! Absolutely no idea how to get the best out of players. Terrible. I would rather have got relegated with Claudio than him be in charge.
  15. Ranieri has also been quoted as believing N'golo to be too small and weak to play his role effectively. Kante is definitely a Walsh signing. It's been said a few times that Kante was only allowed to join to keep Walsh quiet, Claudio got Inler and said we will see which is best. I know who's judgement i trust best.