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  1. I was thinking this before the third goal. Then I realised I'd said the same thing all last year until he did something amazing. That skill to get the ball to Fuchs was top class and had it been Albrighton in that situation, as good as he was tonight, it probably would have been a Liverpool thrown in instead of sealing the 3 points.
  2. Goes to show these players need someone they like in charge, be it Nige or Shakey. No one else will do.
  3. Carragher triggered fvck off scouse nob
  4. The media and other fans tonight
  5. Ultimately justified. Well done Shakey everyone's behind you
  6. Okazaki will do it for us tonight
  7. Depends on who we're getting in. Most managers will now be wary of the dressing room, especially those who were signed while in the Championship, but either Shakey or Nige will be able to use it.
  8. Don't down tools on me now man Nige needs us
  9. If Pardew story gains anymore traction can someone bring a makeshift 'Pardew Out' banner ta
  10. More like: Vardy scores, runs to the west stand and points to his missus in his box. The camera pans to her giving birth right there and the spectacular moment occurs live on TV where Nigel Pearson erupts from Mrs. Vardy' netherbits stark naked except for a pair of pearly white trainers.