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  1. Konchesky, that'll do it.
  2. I know mate it's ridiculous. I can't even be bothered to argue with people that claim the current team we have now is as good if not better than our title winning campaign. Same players pretty much barring he who shall not be named but the level of performance was 10x better last season.
  3. 17mil to be precise
  4. He's been shit here but has looked good elsewhere, meh yes Russian league but always looked a threat in CL.
  5. He has the right attributes to be such a useful weapon in this division. He's raw, quick and does have an eye for goal, reminds me a bit of Antonio without the aerial threat. (If he could play to his strengths, but he really doesn't) He's so lacking in confidence and it's so painful to watch. All you want is for him to run at the fullback and deliver something, anything, even bloody Schlupp did that. Really hope he comes good and I don't think the signing was as random and not thought though like some are making out. He was a quick striker similar in style to Vardy who could operate in a number of positions, had CL experience and had a decent record v English clubs. Remember we were after him when Walsh was around. Hasn't worked out but it was good ambition shown by the club.
  6. Hang on. You genuinely think this year we are on the same level as last year? All the stats point otherwise as well as it being blatantly ****ing obvious
  7. I can't even be bothered to argue with you. Ok yes you are right, this year we are exactly the same team without Kante, if you want
  8. Jesus christ not another one. I'm not taking anything away from the pair of them im just saying Kante gave us the platform to do something unreal like win the league.
  9. No I just found it amusing that you think you're 'more schooled' in the game for simply going against the grain. It probably is a sheep like opinion but you've got to ask yourself why. What he brings to the game is just unbelievable and I shouldn't really have to justify that. No way in hell we would've won the league without Kante, mightve done without Mahrez or Vardy
  10. Yes that's right, because I think that the premierships best player (imo) was less influential than Mahrez and Vardy last season I'm less schooled in the game. Makes sense. How does one become schooled in the game? Can you teach me
  11. Mahrez or Vardy better than Kante last year, what
  12. Every time Demarai Gray takes a set piece here he hits the first man every time so I'm not paying too much attention to his video
  13. I do like the look of Werner at Leipzig, didn't watch the match tonight so couldn't see how he did. Scored goals this year in an underdog setup like ours