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  1. looking like they're going to become the belgium of africa
  3. nowt tops this
  4. i love a happy ending
  5. Looks like a return to Marseille. West Ham going down would be amazing tbf
  6. No order It's Always Sunny Fresh Prince The Office I'm Alan Partridge Fawlty Towers Community South Park Peep Show Louie Father Ted
  7. I love it, it's hilarious and rattles literally every club that won it pre war.
  8. ref is having a mare tbf, should be reffing basingstoke next week
  9. Preston are playing these off the park
  10. but he's terrible lads
  11. He is, but it does make sense. The fee is ridiculous, but they do get a lot of crosses into the box.
  12. got to be kasper
  13. they're run by the biggest conmen going
  14. Lennon is a right twat