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  1. such ashame it couldn't work on a long term basis, but unlike last year football isn't a fairytale
  2. It's all down to the players that we've had to make this decision, there's been absolutely no excuse for some of the veterans of our team to perform like they have been. Only one I say who delivers often is Kasper.
  3. that's disgusting
  4. the king is dead long live the king
  5. not a fand personally
  6. phwoar, liveries are looking sexy so far
  7. sexy
  8. Musa's a talented lad, he's been handled horrendously though.
  9. dirty club with crackhead fans that's why
  10. yeah but the registration period ends at the end of the transfer window. we can't register a player who isnt at the club
  11. even if we could recall, I'm pretty sure he's not registered so we wouldnt be able to play him regardless
  12. the rudkin scapegoat has to be one of my favourites since Wellens left
  13. beautiful this, enrique is definitely gone at the end of the season
  14. they should reject them or turn up in a tracky. Disgrace they keep getting pampered, they're losers they should start acting like losers
  15. definitely a top shagger looking like that at his age