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  1. he's made Nakajima look competent so far, really hope our boy Felipe is as motivated as ever after his almost forced retirement last year else it's gonna be one of the worst of the martini era.
  2. wouldn't say streets ahead of Nico, was certainly the better driver mind, but he's definitely miles ahead of Bottas. Hopefully he continues having those awful starts and Ferrari actually have the strategy right this time out, so we can have at least a bit of a battle come the end of the season.
  3. most likely, just wanted to mix it up and not be boring. Saying that though, I think we'd all have said the same thing last year that there's no way he wasn't retaining.
  4. sup m8
  5. Koeman has had a lot of faith in the youth, could see Holgate keeping it until Coleman's back
  6. Predictions 1 Vettel 2 Hamilton 3 Bottas 4 Raikonnen 5 Ricciardo Constructors Mercedes Ferrari Red Bull Williams Toro Rosso Force India Haas Renault McLaren Sauber
  7. how many people looking for a good quality gin would buy a gin with a football club's badge on it
  8. On the subject of Kante, the praise he's got this season has really irked me. He was twice the player last year, yet got little praise compared to this season. It's easy to be in his role at a team like chelsea, where he's playing next to an utter thug, a team which plays like a rugby outfit. Just further proves the bias of the media towards the elite
  9. bioware haven't made a good game in years so I'm inclined to agree with the reviewers on this one and steer well clear.
  10. Josh King , we've not gone down have we
  11. he's ****ing hilarious, I wish someone like boro were stupid enough to hire him
  12. if that were a real rule he'd have took valencia down
  13. bit mad, looked optimistic last year. Signing Joe Cole and Mowbray being a very good manager. It's like SISU care for a month then go back to how they've been doing things.
  14. it is a mystery why he's had such a scarce amount of opportunities, has always looked capable. Very good today, also provides competition for Morgan and Huth if they step off the gass again.