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  1. I don't get this nonsense about the players not trying. Poor form, yes. Gripped by fear, yes, calamitous loss of confidence, absolutely yes. i simply don't see them not trying. (Yes, I watch a lot of games live)
  2. Oh for a bit of (premier league) mid table anonymity. This is our fifth consecutive season of insane levels of anxiety. I was 45 when it all began. I'm 72 now.
  3. Damned if they do, damned if they don't. There has been no conspiracy to get rid of Claudio. Sorme were asked their opinion. The owners took soundings from several sources these last couple of weeks. No one feels this is solely down to Claudio, but the owners feel a change needs to be made to give us a chance of survival. This lack of effort thing is false too. Some players are woefully out of form. Others devoid of confidence. The club as a whole has struggled to manage the euphoria of last season, and a series of events have led to a catastrophic lack of self belief and confidence. The hope is that a change of conductor does enough to allow us to survive, but there is also acknowledgement that there are other problems. The owners decided to make the change based on their own research. It is a collective failure for which Claudio, sadly, has carried the can. He won't be the last.
  4. Thank you for your unwavering support
  5. I wonder if we might see a great escape style 3-5-2
  6. I think virtually all of us, regardless of whether we feel the decision is correct, feel pretty glum. We are all Leicester, and I would like to think we can show a little respect for each other, on or offline
  7. A once in fifty years event is how last season was described in the FT today. We simply haven't been able to deal with the shock waves it caused. Mistakes have been made which are easier to call with hindsight. The BMWs. The massive contracts. The imbalanced recruitment. We now simply dont know what our level is. Over the last three seasons we've pretty much been bottom or top, whereas logically I suspect we should be somewhere between 8th and 15th in the Prem. I'm fearful that nothing can now stop the tsunami of negative momentum surrounding our club, just like it's postive version carried us through last year. This might take a few years to settle. Massive decisions ahead for the owners. I wish them luck
  8. Good and thoughtful post that Catford. Well said
  9. Well this all got a bit complicated
  10. By my estimations this team cost us £60 million. I suspect somewhat more than Millwall. Let's hope they can show us why
  11. From a Barnsley fan: Wow.Yiadom looked every bit the international player he's become like night. I cant find the words to describe how good he was. He was good down the left but down his natural side he's something else.Matty James is definitely a Premier League player. Oozes class. I'd say he's still playing at only 80% fitness as well. Every week he looks better and different sides of his game are creeping in. He didn't waste a ball last night and some of the tight spaces he dug himself out of were incredible.If we can keep in touch with the playoff pack until Matty has reached full fitness I really think we have a chance. This lad was a starting centre mid in a team that won the Championship and it's obvious to see why.
  12. I think he's completed four full games for Barnsley now. Great news this. Whatever happens to us this season it would be fantastic to have him starting the new season in our squad. Good lad
  13. Over the last few days I've moved into a rather more sanguine mood. I've been in denial over relegation, but having watched the games over the last few weeks it now feels inevitable, and I am less uptight. However it is not actually inevitable, despite the evidence being presented to us. A third of the season remains. Sure we can only sit on the sidelines, but if we are to go down, let's not go down with a whimper. Let's not just sing when we're winning. Lets make a noise for our club when we play Liverpool, not necessarily for the players or Claudio, but for the Leicester we love. Whilst what's happening to us is an embarrassment, we can still enhance our reputation as awesome supporters. And if we can create a wall of sound, perhaps it will inspire one of our little darlings to bang a thirty yarder into the top corner.
  14. So over the last 36 hours we have played three games at first, under 23 and under 18 level. P3 W0 D0 L3 GF0 GA8
  15. At under 23 level we are allowed to play three over aged players to guide the youngsters. So today, for example, Wague, Mendy and Okazaki could have had some game time, adding some experience, giving them some game time and hopefully benefitting the youngsters. And Choudhoury returns from Burton and doesn't seem to figure anywhere. it just all appear last random and chaotic