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  1. plans have changed last minute! anyone have 2 spare for Hull?
  2. Any one drinking in Southampton before the game?
  3. Anyone managed to upgrade from silver to season ticket over the last few years? Looking to upgrade my 2 silver memberships over the summer. Do to get to pick seats etc? I know you get 'priority' upgrades after Gold members. Just wondered if anyone has done it recently and do you think it's do-able?
  4. I have 2 avaliable for this
  5. I've got 2x Southampton tickets available for face value.
  6. got 2 available for this as we can no longer make it SOLD
  7. Sigh. You must be new here. Welcome to foxestalk.
  8. Where we drinking for this then?
  9. Where we drinking for this then?
  10. We were down in Row B for the first time ever. It was the most dire atmosphere I've known for a long time. We thought about doing the same but wasn't sure on the stewards stand point.
  11. 2x flights to Copenhagen from gatwick for sale Departs: Wed 02 Nov 13:00 Arrives: Wed 02 Nov 15:50 Bag drop opens: Wed 02 Nov 11:00 Bag drop closes: Wed 02 Nov 12:20 Selling as didn't make priority. Buyer will have to pay to change names
  12. Any others that STILL didn't manage to get a ticket? Join me!
  13. Well looks like I'll be giving up my fights and hotel no tickets for silver memberships