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  1. 4 under 25s needing to get to sevilla, on 14.25 arrival in malaga on the 22nd. Also for return for around 12 in malaga on the 23rd
  2. Yeah never normally sold out, especially as its a cup match and on Tele, just assumed id be able to get two together but none anywhere. My fault for not looking early enough I suppose. Never mind
  3. Not two together anywhere in the ground
  4. Looking for two spare tickets for Tottenham on Wednesday night preferably next to each other. And under 18.
  5. Vichai had a dream to buy a football team He bought the foxes and promised money to burn with nuge in attack and wes at the back the days of glory they are coming back (school of science) tune
  6. Kasper De Laet Morgan Moore Konch Knockaert King Hammond Mahrez Ulloa Vardy nugent has done nothing wrong just pace can beat terry and cahill
  7. The man is there to kind of put of the taker as well Looks better defending corners as we have in recent times
  8. Why the fck not
  9. Leo Ulloa song Who's that man from Argentina Who's that boy we all adore Leonardo is his name and he's gone and scored again And we don't play forest anymoreeeeeee
  10. Wherever Knocky plays he will make an impact he is just on of those players A magician
  11. Brian Deane the mans a legend scored 2 at my first ever game still got my signed 4-5 year old shirt hung proudly in my room
  12. At least some noise was coming from there unlike 70% of the away end
  13. Top bants Are people realy crying about this
  14. We make a movement too early that's the problem just need to work on it over the summer