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  1. Spoke to the chap from Sports Options on the phone just after Thomas Cook filled up, he didn't seem confident of getting another flight on. Changed their tune then? Thanks for the update. Edit - just seen you said 'on behalf of Sports Options' - my bad!
  2. Anyone on here used Sport Options for any of our other European games? I hear that they might be putting another flight package on for tomorrow. What planes do they use? They seem to get them on the runway pretty easily. Pablo Escobar in charge?
  3. Could someone PM me a stream if there's anything? Ta!
  4. Long shot - anyone know anywhere in Leicester that sell those 'les-tah' t-shirts?? I know the tourism office on Gallowtree Gate has some but only in blue, they look a bit naff IMO. Ta
  5. Two spares for Palace or a couple of available refs for any other away would be great. PM pls.
  6. Hey there... city fan and epic non-contributor (generally just hang around here being nosey). Anyway I spotted this on Durham and figured you might like to read a piece I wrote on the guy a couple of weeks ago... equally might not to, I won't hold it against you. If the general consensus is that you hate him though you should probably check it out.
  7. After 1 adult ticket, will pay good cash. Inbox please. Bought Forest away on FT in 2010 when I was living over there, good omen