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  1. There's been some Japanese fans in front of me in the Kop sometimes, that's the song they must of sang. Although when I hear it in the ground it sounds to me like their shouting 'Cayko, Cayko, Okazaki, Cayko, Cayko, Okazaki Caaaykooo.'
  2. Once again on point, Koke. Also 6th most sold out stadium in Europe according to the photo I saw the other day.
  3. Quite a few good thoughts on here. Just hope the club have the same ideas and consider each of these points. Do hope this eventual proposed expansion is done properly, as someone else has previously said.
  4. I have heard our ground was designed in such a way that it does move when there are heavy crowds or bouncing to ensure it can hold the pressure. Surely you'd think there are regular checks on the supports of the stadium anyway, and you'd hope if the bouncing was causing an issue they'd say.
  5. Double tiered Kop would be my first choice. On another note; with the stadium bouncing after we score, is it really that safe? Especially with potentially another tier possibly doing the same in the future.
  6. I think we'd sell 36-38k on a regular basis in the Premier League, which in my opinion would still make expansion worth doing. 36-38k is a very good attendance, and it'd take us onto that next step in terms of club size and fan base. 32k isn't bad by any means, but with an expansion we'd go one further. I honestly think we'd sell 36-38k every match. Say we do expand to 42/45k, there's potentially 4-10k more fans getting tickets. We'd probably sell 42k/45k for when the bigger teams come to the ground. At the end of the day, it's very hard to judge how big our fan base and attendances could be with a larger stadium. My only issue with expansion, which needs sorting out in some way, is the traffic issues in and around the stadium. That'd have to be looked at before expansion.
  7. Got 52/81, 65%. Not too bad.
  8. The ground needs a permanent name of Filbert Way or something of that ilk. With a sponsored stadium name it could well get changed once again in the future. The only concelation is the stadium's address, which for me is iconic.
  9. Certainly deserves to be in the nominations, nicely worked goal.
  10. Yep, agree. I've always wanted to know more about this idea of the ground being built on the cheap - is it true and why so? I'm too young to remember. To me, the KP is a very nice ground but at the same time generic; which picks up on your point about the basic design.
  11. I wouldn't necessarily want to relocate now anyway, memories and history continues to be built on the site of Filbert Way.
  12. I really like the idea of the Kop being part of the expansion. If it's that and the East Stand together it will look superb, although I'd be equally happy with it being just the Kop as the expansion.
  13. If we stay up this season, that's three campaigns now we've been in the Premier League since 2014. They might be looking at it. However, it really does depend on whether the owners consider the way this season has gone and the other seasons. This season hasn't been the steady, desired one they wanted or we wanted. I was hoping for a comfortable top half or top ten finish. On the other hand, it's another year of establishment in the league.
  14. As others have said, and what @STUHILL has pointed out, I too think he will be leaving the club in the summer, and I feel Barcelona would be the perfect match for him with his playing style.
  15. Yes, also touted him a while back. Although unlikely (or would it be?) Iheanacho would be a very good signing.