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  1. We've always followed well in numbers even in the Championship days, but I was surprised to open up Twitter this morning and find we've sold this out already. Would've liked to of gone to this one.
  2. In my estimation, this squad needs 3 new signings. Two CB's and a creative CAM. If we manage that, we will do just fine. I think we'll be fine in the long run anyway, but signings in those positions would be very beneficial to us.
  3. @age2710... A lot was said about Ndidi when he signed, the media & stats drew comparisons with Kante. In your honest opinion, do you feel he is of a very similar style to Kante, or different? Will he be the Kante replacement we were looking for and just how highly do you rate Wilfred?
  4. Always rated Shawcross, and he has been one of the most consistently good CB's in the top flight for years. Certainly the type of player we need, someone with proven quality at this level.
  5. I share very much the same thoughts as foxes21. Karanka has got together a good side who are very strong defensively. In their case if they added more goals I think they would be higher up the table. If they can start adding more goals and keep that solid defence in the near future, I agree, I can also seem them pushing for top ten. Season on season if they can maintain top flight status they are going to contiune to attract better players as well.
  6. Yeah, also saw that. What a scene.
  7. To be truthful I do actually like the look of him despite last night, in that position behind the striker he looks like he is going to do something, or is at least capable of. He's still one of the shining stars of the Ipswich team, I'd like to see him again in our team. We do lack creativity and he is creative.
  8. Thanks you two. Appreciated.
  9. Sorry if this is obvious but it doesn't seem to be to me. I probably sound like a new fan or something but I just wanted to get this 100% clear. On the sale dates for supporters, when it says 'Wednesday 25 January - General Sale,' is this only on the condition it does not sell out before then to ST holders and members? Or, do general sale get a specific amount of tickets to buy regardless? The situation I have you see, is, I would like to go to the match with two friends. One of them has the same priority as me (ST holder), but the other person isn't a season ticket holder, and would rely on general sale. Tricky one.
  10. I still think Manchester City will come good at some stage, and as Dan LCFC says I still reckon Guardiola will become a success in English football. Next season they might be stronger, given he would've had a season's experience of managing in the league.
  11. Smalling came to my mind as well, he would be an excellent signing.
  12. Precisely, and 4-3-3 is a formation I've backed for a long time. We seem far more solid with the midfield three, but we would see the system work even better if we had a creative, quality CAM. Having a player like that would certainly gives us another option at least. This team needs more creativity, especially when our pacey style of game doesn't work.
  13. He was one of our best finishers at the time he was here. Leeds is a great club for him, and on the point of Leeds, doing very well under Monk.
  14. It shouldn't have to come to this. The point comes back again like it did with Schlupp, if a player has a strong & clear desire to move, so be it. Ulloa can still be very effective in the PL, or even more so in the Championship. Always rated/liked Leo as both a player and person.
  15. Keep. Okazaki suits our system and his link up play is excellent, when he's not in the team I feel sometimes our attacking play is less fluent. He makes that link between the midfield and forward line, which as a result means our strikers become less isolated. He has actually developed this season and become a better player. His technical ability is good. He needs to be playing more for us because what he does do can be very important.