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  1. Gym

    I've been doing squats and press-ups during my 3 x weekly 3 mile run/jog in the mornings..... Last Saturday I ditched both for Burpese doing five sets of ten at iterative stages during the run. Killer - different world to doing the separate squats and press-ups! I have no idea what's going on with my pressing mind - some days I can struggle to lift 3 reps of 6 @70KG and other days I can bench 80KG doing 4 sets of 8.... I think its something to do with the warm up. If I do dumbbell rows intermittantly between each bench press set - the lifting seems to get easier as I go on for a while until fatigue sets in. I assumed my first couple of sets would be the strongest but thats not the case - learning the need to warm up properly, I guess.
  2. I swear I've lost a 2017 victory..... I think the overall Leaderboard should be scored on rep points to post ratio...... These posters with 30k posts and 4k rep points should be in some different sort of loser league that highlights the fact that only one in six of their posts are liked..... Quality over quantity!
  3. Agreed - when you are drunk you are more vulnerable, end of. I've spent years working with victims, offenders and those who engage both for a living and nobody's saying somebody is encouraging/inviting/asking for it or any of that nonsense but in terms of being para, a person is both more vulnerable to committing crime and being a victim of many differing types of crime. The issue with sexual assault and drunkenness is sensitive because of the nature of the offence in a changing contemporary culture - It's tough to get people to report such crimes, firstly because they fear they will not be believed and secondly because they may be made to feel that they are to blame. Both of these issues are exacerbated when alcohol comes in to the mix, hence some objections to the tone of the remarks. The judges comments were in my assessment clear and fair - but her words on reflection could have been chosen perhaps more carefully considering the context.
  4. How can extras be a required field in this poll - everybody knows you just need chips, curry sauce and a fishcake if theres one there.
  5. From Sky 'Sources' - And in other news, following terror attack news outlets spread fear on behalf of 'X' in hope to justify greater state powers.
  6. It was just what was written in the dictionary mate - don't shoot the messenger.
  8. That's incorrect buddy, I've looked it up: "Cob" noun: crusty circular bread 'He ate his cob like a true Leicester fan from Leicester' Adj: To throw with vigour 'He threatened to cob Jon over the fence as he was being a daft Yorkshireman'
  9. I gave up smoking in November - I vape a Guardian 3 pipe. I only now vape when I have a beer which is 2-3 times a week. I do know a fair few young people though that don't smoke but have taken up vaping which is sad but probably better than smoking like many of us did when we were teenagers.
  10. So for those of you who missed blanket prejudice in the first post don't worry....
  11. I think this thread should be closed now the pun day has ended and no more puns be allowed again till March next years pun day. Or We have this space in FT as a pun thread and puns be not allowed anywhere else on the forum, ever.
  12. Perfect example of northern misguidedness, right here - you see the difference now that just three miles makes? No wonder Yorkshire is in the state its in.
  13. Yeah but why would you buy chips in Rothley when you can drive ten minutes down the road to Birstall fisheries?