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  1. I bet they love you at parties....
  2. Well done showing this..AGAIN.. Forget pundits/experts, our own fans and Forum posters, have had also short Memories. The difference from Last season to this, and again tonight, forward movement forward pressing, and defence on front foot, not put under pressure with OTT back/sideway passing. Ranieri, was too defensive this season, mostly in thought and it rubbed off on the back line players. Okazaki could once play his 2 sides of his game, driving forward with intent, and covering that empty space disrupting fast teams quick breaks Drinkwater Striving forward with intent, knowing Ndidi was covering, instead Of playing in each others shadow and line.... First test, well done, now lads go Out and expand, from tonights result..
  3. Difference is midfield is pressing , the back 7 is on the front foot, not holding back or withdrawing... Under Claudio, they played the old Italian way...
  4. Dont worry, if he becomes the man.....It would put all the fox fans in a home.
  5. Tool loyal to this squad of players, not loyal or support for the backroom staff.Dropping ideas on the BR, which had been proved to be working.
  6. So Walsh is going to be the saviour, if he ever cameback...broken dreams, silly dreams..
  7. I agree on your whole tact in this thread. I have been shouting out (well posting) since October/November for a CB cover , but like you mention, it wouldnt solve anything, but it would of been a start, to have given us a base to build upon.. Ranieris, loyalty and stubborness and lack of investment in defensive cover, plus (IMO) poor judgement, that his squad well into their 4th hard season, needed rest games and quality injury cover. He actually because of this lack of awareness, ruined his own dream..
  8. Sorry mate, probably I am too innocent... To all of you dropping ideas that the owners, acted upon any player Revolt, Prove it..!! Its just crass use of social media to get spitefull , contrite a n d conspiracy theories over. Ranieri believe it or not didnt need any further help, we were playing crap, tactics were crap, team ethic non exsistent. Oh, and something quite important, we werent winning games and not scoring in PL games. Throw shit into a fan like social media, press will pick it up, keep knocking and picking at the door, the shit will stick. Strange football fans, through some crazy thought of having anonymous power, regurgitate the same type of storymaking, that journalist use. Show me proof that player power and revolt got Ranieri sacked, and that a group of ringleaders were involved in using their Position to influence the owners..
  9. I'd rather have the dog...
  10. I have a great idea, It would work.... 2 good footballing guys out of work, got sacked not long ago, both well known. So much like chalk and cheese, but its exactly that, that would balance their ideas and characters. Both out of a job, both with unfinished business, both wanting to realise a dream.... The Alpha male balanced by the calm and collected, if you dont have a postion it is better than doing the speach circuit.. Keep Shakespeare as coach. Then we have the trio of dreams... I give you ....the new Pearson and Ranieri dynamic duo. An upgrade on the Cloughie +Taylor. We are in the crazy era of football, why not change tact once again..
  11. Does that mean, its only worth looking for a young manager...?? Lets face it, the owners will get who they get. I wouldnt mind Pearson his 'Footballing history' with us Was top. His interviews were always interesting, Contrary to the mixed thoughts on his press interviews He was no worse than many top Managers, it was Ranieri who was the type who projected the Non confrontational, and nice guy approach, in someways unique for the PL. I am open to many ideas...NP to stabalise if he can, Mancini to try and give us that next kick forward, if he can, or a choice from the young new managers, Howe, Monke, etc etc.
  12. Looks like some fans are running scared of their own shadows, forgetting themselves that we strike forward in this era, with fearless upon our walls and we rode on the back of that banner, seems some shake and sweat because we are faced with what others want to twist and turn for their own agendas. I wanted more than any other manager for Claudio to succeed and create his and our dream.I was one of the few who defended him, and would of loved to see him see out the season...BUT we are falling apart, because he failed to see and understand the squad investment needs. The owners in this have taken a difficult descision, and will carry the scorn, in the name of the club, the people who are now writing the negatives, show they wouldnt havent the balls, or competence to put themselves into such a situation....Top stays top...
  13. We have practically a third of the season to go. I expect after the last few days a response, a performance that gives us a chink of light. The players have the time to turn it around.Time to prove they still have the talent, but importantly the fight and grit, that backs us as being fearless.
  14. Wes Morgan, should have stepped up as club captain, to do a couple of interviews. His silence as captain, is deafening..!! ....Even if Kasper stepped forward or was asked to step forward. Wes has become a Wuz..
  15. The others hating Leicester world wide..FFS We are Leicester fans, we know what we are, we've spent all our lives hating them... We are the biggest haters...Its just..well... We HATE ....loving them, until it hurts..but they are ours, our mongrels!!! Thats why every game, we shout out commmme on youuuu Baaassstttarrrds!!!! Also this idea of player power, doesnt sit with me... Two hard line Thai businessmen, listening to a so called group of player leaders... led by Morgan, Huth, Fuchs, Drinkwater. Wouldnt they turn around and return the flak....What the hell have you done to earn that right!!!! you have all produced useless performances, so you cant blame your front man!!!!