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  1. At least when he does eventually go all these Mahrez fan boys will clear off from the forum. They should be grateful Leicester took a chance on him as they would have never knew who he was.
  2. Who said he was rubbish? Name me one game from this season where he has looked anywhere near as good as last season?
  3. Where's all this "mahrez will be off in the summer" talk come from? He's not had a good season one or two good games that's about it. If anything he looks like a one season wonder. His stock isn't as high as it was last season and he didn't really attract much interest then.
  4. Crolla looks like he doesn't have any power in his punches, he's got a heart on him though. I've never saw this Linares fight before but he looks really impressive.
  5. fair play.
  6. Cheers. So it wasn't anything to do with a club connection more just the fans. Did they celebrate us winning league like they would their own team?
  7. How did the Leicester - Bochum "friendship" come about?
  8. @Manwell Pablo What's your thoughts on Eubank Jnr offering Bellew out on twitter to fight at super middleweight? Jnr is starting to look a bit desperate on social media spouting rubbish to try and make a fight. That's now Bellew, GGG & DeGale he's gone at twitter. Thst ITV ppv couldn't have made him as much as he thought it would.
  9. Harry Panayiotou joins Salford City. Strange one, bet he regrets turning down that Borussia Dortmund contract.
  10. Pure greed fromthe club.
  11. Mahrez isn't good enough for Barcelona.
  12. I think you're only looking at 1 way mate.
  13. I have got a BMW and the built in Sat Nav isn't very good. It doesn't recognise 7 digits postcodes, waste of time.
  14. Wonder if she has been fed and fed once more.