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  1. Very good call, she also posts on here @Dickov22
  2. A majority of fans were saying we would be happy with a mid table finish.
  3. Did anyone watch the Gavin McDonnell v Rey Vargas fight? Vargas won by majority decision whilst Ian John Lewis must be looked into for cheating as he had it as a draw.
  4. Didn't LeTiss, Merson & Phil Thompson all say Leicester would get relegated this season when they were asked 3 weeks ago who were going to go down?
  5. Paul Merson has been on fire this afternoon. First of all he said "I don't think it's a good job, it's not a Crystal Palace where they had decent players like Zaha, Cabaye, Benteke" Ok Paul what about Vardy, Mahrez, Gray Then he said "they should test the water with Hull and try to get Marco Silva" Marco Silva the man he tore into when Hull announced him for, not being English, only managing Sporting Lisbon & Olympiakos.
  6. Show me the posts that lack class. All I have seen is people agreeing with the sacking but upset the way it's ended.
  7. LeTisser saying he thinks 95% of fans disagree with the sacking. I'd probably say it's 50/50 with people split on the decision.
  8. Remember when the media & neutrals were outraged when Nigel Adkins got sacked from Southampton.
  9. They never cared or thought about Leicester before they jumped on the bandwagon when everything was going great.
  10. He's not even a Leicester City fan he's a Mahrez fan who started paying attention to our results last January.
  11. Rubber bullets being fired in the main square.
  12. It gets to general sale as everyone thought the tie would be over in the first leg. Now we have a great chance to progress everyone wants a ticket.
  13. Middlesbrough at home in January 2013.
  14. Lineker comes across as a right cvnt. Even worse when he starts spouting his political bulIshit on twitter as well.
  15. You asked if I think Ulloa should be in the starting XI I said yes because at the minute Vardy, Okazaki, Musa aren't up to it. Slimani is injured so me personally would play Ulloa if he was fit & available.