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  1. Please explain to everyone here, why you would want to sit in someone else's seat.
  2. *"Please note it is reserved seating"* All those that believe it will be a "free for all", as far as seating is concerned, will be very disappointed.
  3. A long walk, to and from the station too.
  4. Not been given a priority point for this yet. Has anyone else ? OK now ignore
  5. Poor TV cameraman got dummied twice by Mahrez for that goal today.
  6. Where does Woy Wank ?
  7. You'll all be crying when he leaves
  8. Trouble is that there is too much emphasis on him defending all the time. He is not a defender and he doesn't want to be a defender. By the time he's gone back to defend and we get the ball back he is in his own half and then he's expected to get forward, run, dribble and pass, then by the time he's near the penalty box he's knackered and loses the ball. He should be hovering around the last defender in space waiting for a ball from our midfield conserving his energy to do his magic in the last third and leaving the defending to players who are better at defending not wasting energy running up and down the whole length of the pitch. That's what I think anyway.
  9. 1 ticket spare am at ground
  10. Against Liverpool we've won 34 and they have won 39. not a lot in it.
  11. or Shakey cries just a little bit
  12. Yeah, Palace away last year was fantastic.
  13. If the front row stands up then everyone has to stand up