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  1. You really have nothing better to do, jobsworth
  2. AKCJ, your busy! Coolcol how much are you looking for?
  3. 2 tickets together available. Adult £20 & U22 £12. PM if you want them.
  4. 1 Adult & 1 Under 22 going spare, if anyone is interested? £20 & £12.
  5. Anybody else flying out 21st at 3:25pm from Manchester and Returning 11:50am on the 23rd? We are hiring a 7 seater from Malaga and have spaces if anybody is interested? We are debating whether to drive straight over to Sevilla or Stay a night in Malaga and make our way up the next morning. If anybody is interested give us a shout, this will cut costs for all of us.
  6. Anyone flying from Gatwick 21:10 on the Tuesday?
  7. Cheers for the link. We have managed to get 3 tickets now. We are is Section A2. cost 675DK so about £80 each. COYB
  8. Need 2 or 3 Tickets for Copenhagen on Wednesday in their end. As above i've tried buying off the official website but wont let me. Cheers
  9. He sat in front of us 1st half, even bought us a beer. Did not meet 1 bad Brugge fan all day but I did see a chair get thrown in block 413
  10. Easy, strolled in no problems. Didn't even get searched. There was a good 20 odd Leicester fans near us, right behind the goal. I got on TV, the Huth header and Mahrez peno. They was a few ticket touts selling tickets outside the ground. Seen there was a fair few Leicester in the upper tier of the side stand. Even Put a Leicester flag on display. Great day.
  11. My mistake I'm 413
  12. It's in the South stand behind the goal. I weren't ever going to buy the 3 game package. When I checked and hour ago there was still seats available
  13. I didn't say I became a member today, I said i got my tickets this morning. Been a member since Monday.
  14. Become a Brugge Member €25 and tickets are €45. Few available in Block 417.
  15. Just got 2 tickets in Block 417 this morning. Get in!