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  1. 3 adults if possible. Owe anyone a beer if you can get me tickets
  2. Yeah hope it's on TV then
  3. So annoying. Need tickets for my brothers birthday
  4. Will it get to 150 points do you reckon?
  5. What a draw! Let's hope I somehow get tickets
  6. What's the allocation gonna be and how far down the ticket points will it get to?
  7. Will this make 150 points?
  8. Desperate for tickets to this but so will everyone! what do you think our allocation will be?
  9. Can we all at least try and be positive during the game tomorrow. I know people are frustrated but it seems recently everyone is going into games with a negative mindset and want to have a moan. If we are positive from the start, the players will react!! COME ON YOU BLUES!!!!!
  10. We were shocking today on and off the pitch. I know as fans should get the players going etc. But our fans don't just respond to results, we respond to effort and desire shown on the pitch. After their first goal many in the kop stood up and were rallying the team. But the next 10 minutes were slow and we created no chances. It just deflates the fans and ruins the atmosphere. just my opinion, but the fans are just wanting 100% effort from the players that we deserve.
  11. Oh sorry, just read it back and didn't make it clear. I want a ticket to the away leg, but know wont get a ticket in our end, so was seeing how likely it is that i will get a ticket in their home end.
  12. Anyone know how likely it is that i would be able to get a ticket in the home end?
  13. Will I defo be able to get tickets in the home end?
  14. which site did you get these off?
  15. can anyone find cheap trains from malaga to seville?