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  1. So do we reckon 150+ points has a chance?
  2. So no chance of 150 points ?
  3. But people above are saying there are at least 700 tickets left. 500 is quite a big difference
  4. ANyone know why LCFC away days on twitter say there is inly 273 tickets left?
  5. If it gets to 150 points I'll be camping all night, not risking not getting a ticket if it gets that far
  6. That's the plan. Don't mind doing it if it gets me a ticket. Is getting to the ticket office at 9 better than online at 9?
  7. Ok cheers. Hopefully it will get to 150 points but doubt it
  8. If you buy the ticket from the ticket office in person do you need to show your passport and would I be able to buy one for my brother if he isn't there with me to buy one?
  9. Got flights. Reckon there is a chance of getting 150+ points?
  10. Says on here. ultras seem to be bottom tier, east stand I think. Do you reckon they will sell out tomorrow?
  11. Considering it but hoping because it's a nightmare to get to, I might be able to get away tickets. Slim chance tho
  12. Whereabouts is everyone staying? I can't find anywhere in a good location at a decent price
  13. Really hope this gets to 150 points! Do they check your passport with the ticket I.e I can't use someone else's ticket?
  14. I used to play CB but started playing in defensive mid as we have 2 good CBs. I feel I just need to practice my short passes and composure on the ball.
  15. I play Sunday league and regularly play defensive midfield. I am quite fit and a good tackler, but I'm not the greatest passer or have much composure on the ball. I was wondering whether people had any tips for playing in this position form experience?