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  1. SEVILLA (H) REVIEW // MAKE A DONATION TO UNION FS Hi all, It’s difficult to put into words how special last night was. Knockout wins in European competition do not come round very often for us (the last one was in 1961, if you’re counting), and as fans we generated an atmosphere befitting the occasion. Today we can feel immensely proud of our club. Thank you to everyone who assisted in creating, donated to and took part in our South Stand choreography of Craig Shakespeare yesterday. Every tifo is designed in order to give the players and fans a final boost pre-match. It may be a happy coincidence, but some of you have noticed that we’ve never lost when we’ve put on a display... So, not wanting to take any chances, we would like to arrange something for the quarter final — but with only four weeks to go until the first leg, we need to get this in motion sharpish. We would be very grateful for any donation of any size so that we can put on a display worthy of a Champions League Quarter Final. As always, without your generous contributions we cannot put on these displays, so thank you in advance. Donations can be made by: - PayPal – ufsdonations@gmail.com (by selecting the ‘transferring to family and friends’ option) - Bank Transfer – e-mail ufsdonations@gmail.com for details - By credit or debit card (using the donate now button at the foot of our homepage – www.unionfs.co.uk) See how we put your money to use — watch our video review of the Sevilla tifo at the link below. Thank you for your continued support. Union FS
  2. Shakey. Painting is fvcking hard. Thanks for all the positive comments - really appreciate the support. Thanks too to all that helped out and took part on the night, couldn't have done it without you. UFS
  3. Union FS Tifo Information here >> Thanks for your support! UFS
  4. Hi all, As you know, tomorrow night is arguably the biggest night in the Club's history, and if we are going to make it a success we have the responsibility as fans to make it the greatest, most hostile atmosphere in the Club's history. To help set the tone and give the players a boost, Union FS have organised a full stand pre-match choreography in the South Stand. Unlike prior displays, this has no individual foils or flags, but 3 surfer banners to hold in position to make up the display. These will start to be raised just prior to the start of the Champions League music. We ask that all South Standers participate and assist where possible in holding the surfers in place to ensure maximum effect. We anticipate that these banners will cover individuals in seats from Row A to around Row JJ, so whilst we would encourage all to take part, there will be space at the top of the stand to take photos and videos of the teams emerge should you so wish. The banners will all be out of the way in time for kick-off so no view of the match will be obstructed. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support - enjoy the game! Up the City, Union FS
  5. Tifo information for tomorrow night in Copenhagen. TIFO INFORMATION Following liaison with the hosts, we have prepared for and expect to put on another tifo in Copenhagen. As the Champions League music starts and the players begin to walk out, hold the blue and white foil scarves (found on each seat) above your head and keep it held up until the music ceases. We should be grateful if you would spread the word as no leaflets will accompany this fan choreography.
  6. Hi all, Info from Union FS on tomorrow including our tifo plans for those travelling to Copenhagen. Hope you all have a safe trip. Up the City, down the beers! Union FS
  7. Just wanted to say a huge thank you to those who have donated, and are continuing to donate, so far. It is massively appreciated! Also, another thanks to those who helped set out the flags on Wednesday night. A real team effort from everybody. Support on Wednesday in general was out of this world... Let's keep it going! Union FS
  8. Full details here. Thanks!
  9. Hi all, Firstly, we hope that Mark and the mod team do not mind us posting the following request on the forum. We try to keep the rather blunt requests for donations to a minimum and keep them to our own social media feeds where possible. Next month we will play our first ever Champions League game at home. As a group, we want to mark that fixture, and the following two (if funds permit), with a tifo relative to the importance of the occasion. Our players have given us the opportunity to see something we never dreamt that we would see, so it is only right that we do everything we can to replicate that effort off the pitch! As such, we should be incredibly grateful for any donation of any size so that we can put our plans into action. So we ask you once again to put your faith in us to create one, maybe two, maybe three tifo displays worthy of the Champions of England. The donation details are as follows: - Direct bank transfer - Account Holder: Union FS, Sort Code: 40-09-17, Account Number: 42218275 - PayPal: ufsdonations@gmail.com, using the 'sending money to family and friends' option - By credit or debit card: using the 'Donate now' button at the foot of the homepage on our website, www.unionfs.co.uk So many of you have been incredibly generous to us in the past, and we are extremely thankful for your continued support. Let's set the benchmark for English supporters in Europe. Up the City, Union FS
  10. Thanks for all the kind words of support regarding the tifo on Saturday. It means a lot that other fans recognise the hard work that goes into them, but it is even better to see the players respond well to them (as giving them a boost is the whole point of them!) We recognise we cannot please everyone with all that we do. We can only hope that people will understand our actions are intended for the benefit of Leicester City Football Club and no individual. We also stress that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, including those who expressed theirs passionately on Saturday and since on social media. Thank you to those who have supported us but we would ask you all to no longer reference (or comment on) specific individuals online. If those individuals would like to raise their concerns with either us directly or the Club, we would certainly encourage them to do so. Thanks again, Union FS
  11. VIDEO: 2015/16 CHAMPIONS SEASON REVIEW - UNION FS. Hello all, Filbert Way is calling - just 3 days to go! Atmosphere was pretty good last year but we can always improve! Donations for our first tifo versus Arsenal (plus those planned for the Champions League) are still gratefully received: PayPal: ufsdonations@gmail.com Bank Transfer: 40-09-17, 42218275 Credit/Debit Card: via the 'Donate Now' button at unionfs.co.uk All funds donated used for tifos. Hope you enjoy the video and enjoy the season! WYS, Union FS
  12. Not sure this is worthy of its own topic so here we go: 5 DAYS UNTIL WEMBLEY! Hi all, As many of you know, Union FS will be based in Blocks 111 and 112 at Wembley. Hopefully those of you that wanted tickets in that area got them, and the rest of you managed to get the tickets you wanted! With less than a week until we make our first pilgrimage to the new Wembley, we wanted to confirm our plans for our march to the Stadium as we want as many of you as possible to join us! At around 14:30, we will leave The Torch (opening early at 10am), heading down Bridge Road as a group before turning left onto Wembley (Olympic) Way, loosening our vocal chords en route! We are leaving plenty of time before kick off to ensure there are no problems or delays at the turnstiles and so that people are in the ground early to start building the atmosphere. We hope you can join us - and if so, we look forward to seeing you at The Torch! Enjoy the game, Union FS https://m.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1180930905303026&id=617744024955053&substory_index=0
  13. Union FS statement on Safe Standing
  14. Hi all and thank you Santiago Fox, There's not too much to say that hasn't already been said about this season. I doubt we could find the words, anyway. Everyone has played their part in making this the most unforgettable of 12 (well, 14) months. Of course the players, staff, Ranieri (and Pearson) have done the business that we as fans cannot influence. As supporters, we think it's fair to say we too have made great strides in terms of creating a frenzied atmosphere, all around the ground, that visiting teams hate. Our players have frequently commented on how important our backing was and Ranieri continues to state how much we pushed his team. Sure, we should recognise the contribution we have made but Union FS believe that this is not the time for a great deal of mutual backslapping. We have done our bit but next season we have bigger challenges to negotiate - trying to retain the title and impress in Europe. Everyone must continue to play their part, in whatever way they can, in supporting the lads and not letting any sense of entitlement or arrogance creep in. As a group, we have grown over the course of the past 2 years and want to continue to expand. We would encourage all those who want to stand and sing for 90 minutes, who don't mind the occasional flag waving and constantly beating drum to make the move over to us in SK1, if possible. If this interests you, please get in touch with us via filbospirit@gmail.com. Enjoy the summer, Union FS
  15. Making of video - Many thanks to those who contributed time, money and effort - it is much appreciated.