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  1. I stopped off at services. That was my downfall. Should have just carried on
  2. Can she bake cakes? Loads of people I know do well with that. Might be a hard market to get into though.
  3. That is grim. I also messed up by going M6 north bound instead of South . Went up to J21 of M6 and sat nav was like 'Do a U Turn'. I said to my brother the sat nav messed up the stupid thing. Then the next junction was J22 and I thought hang on a minute I decided to work from home today. Was shattered this morning
  4. We surely cant go back to Pearson. Cant believe people would be happy with that. It would just feel like a backward step in my eyes. I really don't know who I would want. Mancini - Title winner and has a small affiliation with the club. Would he be up for a relegation fight though? Hiddink - Has he got it in him anymore Dyche - Gravel throat c*** but fair play to him he is doing well at Burnley Pardew - Piss off, Allardyce cant even save the mess Pardew left CP in. Di Matteo - Won the Champs league but for me still not good enough Pearson - Not for me, love the bloke don't get me wrong but I just don't think it would be good. The relationship between him and the owners im not sure can be repaired. O'Neill - Again not for me, Love him but I just cant see him being a success with us again. Would feel like a backward step going for a previous manager imo. Im going to leave an open mind and wait for the announcement. Out of the list I would probably go with Mancini.
  5. after finishing FF7 and FF8 im now on FF9. I forget how good the soundtracks are to these games. Just got to Disc 2 on FF9. The trance in FF9 really annoys me. Takes ages to get it and you end up getting it in a random battle against an easy enemy and its wasted. Quina is an absolute beast in this game.
  6. How strange. Stick with it though. Uncharted 4 is up there as one of the greatest games ive played. Beautiful game with a great story. The whole Uncharted series is brilliant
  7. What a trip. O'Neills bar (river side) was a great atmosphere Tuesday night. Hotel was spot on. Wednesday picked up my ticket early and straight back on the booze. The game itself was decent atmosphere. 1st half outplayed but much better 2nd half. Delighted for Vardy to get back on the score sheet. The journey back yesterday was a nightmare. Here's what happened 8am - Left Seville on the coach. Some woman complaining I was in her seat. Loads of empty seats around but ok then . Turned out I was in the right seat but no biggie. 10:30am - Get to Malaga and go in the commercial centre and end up in Maccies. Went to the toilet to blow my nose and ended up with a nose bleed ffs. Our flight wasn't until 4:05pm but got bored in Malaga so was at the airport for 11:45. Then the fun starts. Sat around waiting for ages before the gate was called to then end up having a 2 and a half hour delay (due to Doris the fat bitch). Flight leaves at 6:30pm. Get to Manchester for 8:30. During the flight I hear someone behind me shout 'he's gone'. None of us expected Ranieri to get sacked at that point. Everyone in shock. Not necessarily because of performances but just the timing of it with everyone agreeing that the result in Seville was decent. 9pm - Get to the car park and go to drive out and they tried to charge me £62. I had already pre paid so in the end i'm arguing with the bloke through the machine. They finally find my booking and im on my way back to Leicester. By this point im tired. I just want to get home. We stop off for a bite to eat in the services and carry on. 11pm - More fun. Im driving down the A50 towards the M1, im thinking the end is in site. I see a lorry ahead with his hazards on just after a slip road. I slow down to overtake and I notice the guy is moving a cone. No idea why so I continue. 2 minutes further down the road and there are flashing lights. ROAD CLOSED. There are other cars and lorries behind me but we all grind to a halt. Copper comes to my car with a face like thunder. 'You've just driven through a road block'. Im thinking no I ****ing haven't. Copper was adamant there were signs. Nope. Then I realised the lorry I saw previous must have drove straight into the cones and signage and that's why he stopped to put them back out. There was nothing to suggest the road was closed. So now we are all stuck. Copper says its gonna be 3 hours. its 11pm, im tired and I cant be doing with this shit. Lorry driver next to me wasn't happy as he agreed with me that the other lorry driver must have hit the signage and we didn't see anything to suggest the road was closed. 1 hour later we are still sat there. Then I see flashing lights behind me. Luckily the police had managed to get the traffic behind me to turn around and go back up the road the wrong way. Lorries had to reverse as they couldn't turn around. Me being the first car meant I was the last one to turn around. 12:15 finally im back on the road having to go through Derby to get to the M1. I get to Groby to drop my brother off and his fence panels have fell. So now im picking up fence panels at 1am. I get home for 1:10am and im wrecked. We got to the bus station at 7am and got home at 1am. 18 hour journey and a sacked manager. Wonderful
  8. On our way to Malaga airport and I hear there is a storm brewing back at home. Let's c if our flight is delayed. Just what u need
  9. Great atmosphere at O'Neills bar tonight. Plenty of drinks, songs and the epic Man City match on the screen. Also a nice poster behind the bar
  10. When you delete photos do you then delete them out of the deleted folder? A deleted photo will stay on your phone and take up storage whilst still in the deleted folder for 30 days before it is entirely deleted. If you go into the deleted folder and click delete all this will then free up space. Sorry if i'm telling you to suck eggs but I only found this out last year
  11. I booked the bus to and from Seville from Malaga and the website said the traffic can get pretty busy. If your flight is 11:40 I would seriously consider setting off earlier than 7:30am Just in case.
  12. I'll order 2 jugs then
  13. Love the bloke and always have. I would much rather see him at CB than Huth and Morgan at this moment in time. Quite frankly I would drop The back 4, Drinkwater, Mahrez and Vardy and give them all a kick up the arse
  14. I was only messing. Have you insider info on the Sangria?
  15. You really are just a ray of sunshine