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  1. This cant come round sooner. Work is soul destroying at the minute. A break in Madrid is just what I need
  2. It needs to be brought in but only for instances that is a simple yes or no such as 1. Was the foul Inside the penalty area? 2. Offside? 3. Ball is out of play? These sorts of decisions will only take seconds to resolve. If we tried to use technology for fouls then it just wouldn't work as its open to interpretation. So the Referees still have authority over the game and big decisions to make. If we used technology for the above 3 points I think the refs would be all for it. Nothing wrong with giving them a helping hand. Same with the linesman. Game is getting so fast paced that they could use a hand. I would suggest the offside can only be reviewed if it leads to a goal. Not for an offside that would only result in possession turning over. This would cause too many stoppages. I can understand that goal celebrations may be affected with delays taking the shine off the moment but its more important that the correct decision is made.
  3. Zero. You put it in the bin and grab a beer
  4. Big difference between the 2 situations. We never looked out of matches under Pearson before the great escape. Did we ever lose by more than 2 goals? The performances were there under Pearson and quite simply not under Ranieri this season for a variety of reasons. The way I read your post suggested that Ranieri was at no fault at all for how this season was turning out. Aslong as we all remember the good that Ranieri done for our club. I've seen people suggest we still would hav won the league with Pearson cause Ranieri inherited the team. Nonsense. As I said previously. Ranieri has my upmost respect and I will always love the man as we all should. This season though I'm afraid he had to go for the good of the clubs future. Whether we would hav survived if he stayed is neither here nor there. We will never know. The fact remains we hav turned it around so in the end the decision was the right one
  5. Even though I have finished the game I still find myself drawn to playing it. I have beat Ganon twice now (after finding all memories to see if there was an alternate ending) I found myself the blue dragon which I saved. My guardian armour is almost all max level (I haven't found a stronger armour). I just keep looking at the map, look at where there is a big area with no shrines and go explore. Found some interesting things along the way. I know there is DLC coming in the summer which has a Hard mode. That i'm hoping will give the game a new lease of life. It does annoy me tho that they have got an extra dungeon coming in the DLC. So instead of bulking out the main game they are charging us more money for the luxury. Modern gaming hey
  6. The club comes first before any player and any manager no matter how successful. Are you sure your name isn't Ranieri is God
  7. I cant believe the Turbaconepicentipede hasn't made the final tbh
  8. Always find the Chip shop on Faire Road in Glenfield does an awesome Chicken Kebab. The chicken is always spot on
  9. Trying to convince the wife that I have to go is getting harder with each round we progress Seville was easy cause I got that trip really cheap but Madrid was more expensive and i'm away longer. I've got so much to pay for (holidays mainly) that a potential away trip in the semis I don't think will be affordable. Unless we get Real Madrid and I do the same trip as this one against Atletico. £261 for flights, 3 nights and match ticket
  10. That's my season ticket seat sorted. So much money spent this European campaign I seriously doubt I could make it to another away if we make the Semis.
  11. Got ticket this morning
  12. People just haven't broadened their tastebuds. Paella should be right up there. How has Fish and Chips made the final? Sunday dinner smashes it all over . Tandoori for the win with Kebab 3rd
  13. Flying into Alicante. I am lucky in that my uncle owns a Villa in Murcia so I am staying there the Tuesday night and Thursday night. Leave early Tuesday and return late Friday flight was £160. 1 night in Madrid was £40. My Uncle has a car out there so he is driving to Madrid the Wednesday morning bout a 4 hour drive. Cant wait
  14. Got my ticket So flights, 3 nights in Spain and my match ticket all in for £261
  15. Just creeps into 3rd spot for me. 1. Twilight 2.OoT 3. BOTW Defo agree with the food. Ill still play it but now I've done it I might start a new game on Twilight princess. My daughter has enjoyed watching me on BOTW I want to see if she likes TP.