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  1. That's fair enough, and I do actually agree with you - points aren't earned 'in theory', they are earned on the pitch. HOWEVER, it is clear that while we have already lost to these teams, we are a very different beast to a few weeks ago. We had lost to Liverpool and Hull too (I won't count Sevilla). Of course, it would be classic Leicester to go on and lose the next two - it could happen, but I'm convinced it won't. This isn't 'wishful' thinking, this is a conclusion drawn from watching us completely transform as a team from Claudio's departure. With the way we are playing, I believe it is realistic. Games aren't played on paper, they never have been, and never will be. But a bit of confidence never hurt anyone.
  2. Realistically, you've got to look at Stoke, Sunderland, Watford and Bournemouth at home as our best chances at 3 points. Win these games and we are safe. Add to that good chances of points away to West Brom, Palace, and an Arsenal in disarray, we'll be just fine. I'd fancy our chances against Man City and to a slightly lesser extent, Everton at the minute too, in fairness.
  3. 2400 odd games played this year alone so far? That's mental!
  4. Yeah, I packed Coleman and McGeady in my reward packs. They're cheap too, mine only went for 10k each.
  5. Cheers bud.
  6. What time is the draw tomorrow?
  7. Schmeichel - 10 Simmo - 8 Morgan - 9 Huth - 8 Fuchs - 9 Mahrez - 8 Drinky - 8 Ndidi - 8 Albrighton - 9 Okazaki - 8 Vardy - 9 Subs: Slimani - 7 Armartey N/A (but I still gave him a 7!)
  8. I actually rate Slim. But it's clear he isn't made for THIS team. We don't need a target man to start, only to come on and help see games out/throw the kitchen sink at the end of games. We have Leo, and if he goes a cheap replacement can be bought in. If we can recoup our £30m, I'd be tempted to let him go... but like I say, I do rate him as a player.
  9. Order of priority for me: 1. Juve (we'd have a small chance) 2. Dortmund (for the amazing away) 3. Real Madrid 4. Bayern 5. Barca 6. A. Madrid 7. Man City It might be because I'm not really old enough to remember well, but the prospect of 'revenge' vs Athletico doesn't really excite me, while Man City would be just so boring...
  10. We'll forgive him his misses tonight I think.
  11. They should give the entire team them
  12. Anybody but Man City - that'd just be boring! Edit: Well, as boring as a CHAMPIONS LEAGUE SEMI FINAL can be Edit Edit: I'm getting ahead of myself... I guess a quarter final will do!
  13. Right back at you!
  14. Reporter: What did Shakespeare bring to the table? (Under Claudio) Drinky: What, as an assistant? Reporter: Yeah. Drinky: Well, he assisted him!
  15. Trippier and Wimmer from Spurs would be perfect.