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  1. MOTD pundits seriously claiming Harry Kane is under rated. Isn't given credit. His finishing doesn't get enough recognition.
  2. If we play the same, 4-0.
  3. If we beat Hull I'd definitely give it him til the end of the season. If we can get someone better in if we stay up then we should. Someone progressive, modern, fairly young. A Kovac, Bronckhorst, Wagner, whoever. But for now, nobody better than Shakespeare is going to come in to a relegation scrap in March.
  4. If you're in the weird procession going up High Street singing about Ranieri, have a ****ing word with yourself.
  5. Just me that thinks Ryan Bertrand was interfering with play then? Offside rule getting ridiculous if a player making an aggressive run to get in the six yard box to get on the end of the cross isn't interfering with play. You might as well just say you can't be offside unless you touch the ball and let both teams have a play dance around in front of the keeper all game. Stupid. Feel sorry for Gabbiadini, he is robbed, but he's robbed by his useless shit brain team mate. The **** is Bertrand even doing there? It's the worst run I've ever seen.
  6. I'd rather we just give it Shakes then that weapon Pardew tbh.
  7. You've got the tournament wrapped up. The Grand Slam is basically dependent on whether or not Ireland turn up on the last day. If they were fighting to win the thing outright I would probably still fancy them in Dublin. Depends how big a motivation derailing the English is.
  8. I'm a Chiefs fan, think it was Brumbies they/we did it to first, it was hilarious watching the reaction as Hika Elliot goes blatantly behind the scrum half and starts dancing around. Big Ben Tameifuna did it a few weeks later to the Crusaders, hilarious. I expect it from Dawson, he's an absolute prize salad. The whole rugby world knows he's a cvnt. I'm disappointed in Jones, though, he's a wily character with a good sense of humor, I'd have thought it'd be right up his alley to be honest. It's the sort of thing I'd expect him to try. Great work by the Italian coaches really. Rugby is all about innovation, interpreting the rules, seeing what you can get away with. Dawson's comment about world rugby being now forced to change the rules because Italy aren't good enough made me feel physically ill. What an absolute cancer he is.
  9. to be fair mate, they were all footballers. Never been the brightest bunch!
  10. If I hear one more person imply the reason Ranieri shouldn't be sacked is because relegation is Leicester's level anyway, I'm going to flip my shit.
  11. You can get 66/1 on Francesco Totti
  12. Mmhmmm
  13. Taking the time to register an account specifically to wind up a forum of football fans is exactly what a troll would do, yes.
  14. Geoff Shreeves in twat shocker.
  15. I don't think he dodges any questions, he's just been badgered by a twat that wants a story.