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  1. That is massive. Kasper is a god, Benny was quality too. Holding on despite being dead on their feet is a huge statement.
  2. gonna be about 6 minutes added on
  3. Seeing just how much Sevilla took out of them now
  4. Walking away from the Derby cup replay and a bloke was trying to get "Kingy is a Welshman" chant started with Jamie Vardy taking the role of Julian Joachim
  5. If this goes anything like the transfer business we're gonna end up hiring Pardew in 6 weeks time.
  6. Kasper Amartey Benalouane Wasyl Chilwell King (c) Ndidi Albrighton Kapustka Gray Ulloa Not the best XI based on technical ability but they'll ****ing fight for the cause.
  7. He can't leave Wales as our manager. Love him but it's over.
  8. At least now we know for sure that it doesn't matter what players do when they have a chance, they aren't getting in ahead of the undroppables.
  9. Second half and extra time he was everywhere. Always looks one of the calmest players around too and it seemed to have an influence on the rest of the team. Real captains performance.
  10. I wasn't sure about Wasyl but he got better as the game went on. I'd go with last nights back four, nice to have a defense that doesn't shit itself at the sight on the ball.
  11. King & Ndidi should be the CM pairing, tbh the entire front 6 that finished tonights game should be starting along with most of the back 4. Shame it won't happen.
  12. A team that was fighting for each other! Gray, Chilwell, Benny were fantastic. King MOTM for me, great performance, great presence as a captain, calming influence showed big time, constantly talking and great determination to win the ball for Gray's world class goal too.
  13. At least he looks like he gives a shit and that's probably enough to warrant starting the way we've been playing.
  14. Handball or not, you can't play like this and expect anything positive from the game
  15. Sadly I think it's time Claudio