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  1. Good to see some balance as you say. As much as I didnt want Ranieri sacked I could definitely see why he was. All these comments in social media and so called journalists: 'Hope they go down' 'Why sack him after last season?' Etc and not addressing WHY he would have been sacked. Lot of people over the last few days have displayed their total lack of football knowledge.
  2. I was one of 8% so still have a sense of smugness Shame on the players, there was a thread recently on whether the league win would be tainted because of relegation but feels tainted after last night even if we stay up. On the flipside, even Alf Ramsey got sacked after winning the World Cup so its not a complete anomaly.
  3. Now isnt the time. Give it a few years, wounds will have healed and allow Ranieri to unveil it with diginity.
  4. Was obviously lined up before last nights match.
  5. Come on youuuuuu bluuuuuuuuues!
  6. Alright Pol Pot settle down.
  7. I'm the opposite, buzzing for this! You never know, if we turn it on and Sevilla have an off day it could be a vintage night.
  8. Huddersfield march on. Still think Newcastle and Brighton will finish in the top 2 but at least Huddersfield's run makes it interesting.
  9. That try hard twonk from the Hungry House ad: 'Here's Danny coming with the feelers'.
  10. Excellent, thats what its all about. Enjoy!
  11. Dont think the guy wants to tarnish his autograph collection, no coincidence he's gone quiet in the past months.
  12. Jesu fvcking Christ, so people would take a hammering against one of the best teams in Spain at the moment in a competition we are never likely to be in again in my lifetime to beat Hull. Hull!
  13. Never realised Akinbiyi scored as many as 9 in that infamous season. Cant really compared Musa and Akinbiyi though, Musa isnt in the starting XI for a good portion of the time and when he is, he is usually played out of position.