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  1. Nice idea but the bigger clubs will find loopholes in stockpiling players.
  2. Know someone who thought it was nip it in the butt.
  3. The strangest thing for me is its not even that bizarre a concept anymore.
  4. Why are they showing Germany v France on ITV1?
  5. People who comment on BBC Sport articles (named Have your say or HYS) with comments such as 'ANOTHER HYS on Man Utd???'. They really need to get a life if they are bothered about an online article having a comments section.
  6. Just heard 'tournament experience' on Talksport which is one of the most nonsensical cliches going and simply an excuse for failure.
  7. That wouldnt surprise me, years ago my old housemate worked at the RDS in Dublin (Leinster's ground) and almost lost her job because she forgot to replace a small Guinness sign in an outside corner hardly anyone walks past with a Heineken sign for the Heineken Cup.
  8. A long ball becomes 'crossfield' when it is a favoured team and back to long ball when its not.
  9. Jerk chicken v donor kebab is the tie of the round, tough decision.
  10. Typical of Ireland to win a match that didnt really matter than much. Watch us get knocked out of the WC group stage / quarters despite being top seeded.
  11. I'd settle for 4pts from 6 in our next 2 games. After that, we need to rotate v Everton and Palace. Even if we lose our next 2 I'd still be tempted to rotate v Everton and Palace, the two games v Atletico are the priority no matter what.
  12. Still want to sing EIEIO when we're beating Barca at the KP for shits and giggles.
  13. I love how suddenly Monaco have become a better team than Seville solely because we beat Seville and Man City couldn't beat Monaco.
  14. Play the first XI, maybe Slim in for Okazaki. 2-1 away win, build up a nice little gap to 18th so we can get away with playing the u16s and losing in the Palace game sandwiched between the champions league quarter finals.
  15. Sadly I agree with this.