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  1. All sorted thanks folks
  2. From Leicester and it says out of stock when i try to check out but thanks
  3. Anyone traveling down to swansea have room for 2 more willing to give £30 in petrol money each been let down by our ride and there's no coach tickets left failing that selling coach tickets? Thanks in advance.
  4. With everything happening at the minute and for a while now I'm scratching and clawing at straws for anything to give any glimmer of hope. Can anyone at all at least find something positive at this point please post it here.
  5. Their helicopter picked somebody up from the ground landed as I was talking to a mate outside the ground and left pretty swiftly as they were gone before i got to my car on saffron lane.
  6. Only song i can remember being played just before the players came out was underdog by kasabian other then that not a clue.
  7. WWE

    Rumours going round it'll be cena/nikki bella vs miz/maryse
  8. WWE

    Going to a bar to watch it theres a few showing it in town so will pick one and have a few pints and a laugh with other wrestling fans happy days
  9. WWE

    While i agree that it's doubtful about omega showing up surely it wouldn't cost much to buy out the remainder of the contract which is only a few days. They could even bring it up on commentary saying he shouldn't even be here he's contracted to new japan etc.
  10. Fingers crossed he's gonna be okay
  11. WWE

    New Japan is usually ahead of the curve regarding making future stars. With Kenny Omega teasing that he might be going WWE that would leave a big hole in the promotion if he left in my opinion. Although I do think they should get rid of the bullet club now. As for WWE I think raw is an absolute slog to get through and should be back to 2 hours and replicate Smackdown as that has been the better show as the storylines actually make sense and if needed they can bleed into others. Looking forward to the rumble I think for the first time in years that the winner is not that predictable with at least 6-7 guys looking like they could win it.
  12. Get well soon birch
  13. What you gotta remember is the lad is still young 21-22? He is still learning the game he will be far from the finished article. I think Drinkwater wasn't even playing first team football as regular as Amartey is at that age lad needs time to mature. I don't think he will play as much when Mendy is back unless we change formation.
  14. Didn't know junior lewis was back at the club.... all seriousness though thats just poor
  15. So we go down but win champions league? Still wouldn't take it. Fixture congestion would be an absolute nightmare for starters.