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  1. Relax. In Rudkin we trust.. He will be lining up replacements now with 100k release clauses. The futures bright. Gerremin.
  2. Good idea ! What about a Josh King's performances for Nigeria in the AFCON thread? That should fill pages of insane garbage.
  3. Did Eddie Howe play for us?
  4. Just an oppinion matey. I am ancient enough to have seen them all, and I happen to think he is in the same class.
  5. Up there with Banks and Shilton.
  6. I even contemplated going out on loan and supporting Florest for a season.. But then the effects of crack cocaine wore off and I regained my sanity.
  7. Absolute Class (again). God you are one talented individual. Keep it up young man
  8. Am I missing something? Do we have to sell players now to balance the books or something? Juventus can identify who they like but if he is under contract and the Club want to keep him, the Juve can bog off.
  9. See Rudkin is selecting Horse racing trainers now. Top bloke we are so lucky to have on board.
  10. Apologies if I missed something, is it fact that we have now pocketed nearly 32M Euros thus far in prize money for this adventure?
  11. Come to collect his Mini from Mendy.
  12. More like a tnuc as they say in Serbia.
  13. I would prefer Lord Baden Powell. He will bring a lot of scouts with him and we do need to replace Walshie.
  14. Where does he want to place the statues of the Eastern European rent boys? Morrison's Car Park?