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  1. He had his critics but one thing we always got from konch was 100%.
  2. He couldn't leave Vardy out because of the season he was having but also couldn't leave out Kane because of the season he was having too. The infatuation of matching up teams and/or not playing to the teams own strengths with the most in form players was the biggest problem, for me under Hodgson.
  3. Lovely finish from Vardy, showed great composure in a ridiculously short space of time. A chance that in November he'd have took an extra touch and probably missed. Ridiculous what confidence can do for a striker.
  4. Lallana didn't but Alli did when Vardy lost control and attempted the worst dive I've ever seen.
  5. Thought this was the trouble riddened NFL star for a minute.
  6. Nasri is a twat. In all the papers saying Vardy fell on the floor. Maybe he should be going to the opticians instead of drip doctors.
  7. Good job we kept the receipt after Vardy's first season here...
  8. Already a Schmeichel thread.
  9. Sad that the greatest week of jump racing is over for another year. Only a few weeks to wait until the 3 day aintree festival though!
  10. Let's dance wins as I've been saying all week. Had that in a double with the winner of the plate which placed nicely. YKWIMH not winning has done me out of some mega money today even though all together I'm still up overall.
  11. YKWIMH just done my treble and potential fourfold! Aahhhh