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  1. Apologies.. Just Googled it and they DID win it.. Musa got a hattrick in the final.
  2. Nigeria didn't qualify for AFCON!
  3. Sell everyone apart from Mendy and Slimani and build a new team around them....
  4. I think we should get rid of........
  5. Who was the Holy Ghost... Kasper?
  6. Rubbish!... Didn't they win it?
  7. Nah.. He's soiled goods! Don't want any ex spuds!
  8. White Hart Lane should be turned into Condoms as well...
  9. I'm with The Woolwich.
  10. Spuds will be smoking the little Hamlet ciggerello again this season..... But will never savor the big Havana Cigar!....
  11. Mourinho wanted to be a tree surgeon.. . But couldn't bear the sight of sap.
  12. Hahahahahahahahahahaha... Great goalkeeping!
  13. Why do you want Middlesbrough to pick up points?