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  1. i pray this is something concrete
  2. Come home
  3. He didn't flat out say "no we didn't go to the owners". He said he has no influence. Read between the lines.
  4. I was one of those that voted Pearson. Chance of staying up with him and if we go down we know he's capable of rebuilding a team. Win-win situation.
  5. I fancy hodgson at 16/1. Id be happy with someone who can help us rebuild in the championship though ...
  6. You do get that feeling that "you don't know what you have until it's gone" but I still think it was for the best. Let's remain positive.
  7. It has got that ring to it hasn't it
  8. 2 years ago to compare
  9. I have come to my decision.. I don't want these big names, Guus Hiidink, Klopp - you know that if you get these there is only one thing that will being them here and that is £££ - and lots of it. They won't have passion for the club and our fans, and no matter how much of a 'tactical genius' you are it won't help a club like us if you have no passion. So, if we can't have Nigel back then I would love to see ... NEIL LENNON. He has passion, commitment and isn't scared to get involved when needed. I like a manger who risks getting sent to the stands for the team, it just shows he cares about the club. Not only that, he has a history with us which shows he will be giving it 100%. He would be for the long term not like Guus who would be here for a maximum 2 years. So there you have it, Neil Lennon is the man, he may not have the needed 'experience' but everyone has to start somewhere... I think he would get the best out the players and keep the dressing room together. He has a lot of team spirit. #NeilLennonIn. that was my post after Pearson was sacked
  10. One of our greatest ever managers ..?
  11. I agree. One Nigel Pearson .
  12. Disgrace if true .. Fuming
  13. Has anyone mentioned Pearson yet?
  14. I like the idea, but people like the idea of doubles because there is more profit to be made
  15. Is this dead? Anyway I have a tip: CAMBRIDGE Win vs Newport County PLYMOUTH Win at Hartlepool. £10 returns £37.