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  1. I think its looking very much like nothing will be left for silver, thanks for reply Krefelder.
  2. Was anything else on sale yesterday or was that queue just season ticket holders buying their seats...
  3. Brilliant, I like being stupid...
  4. Got mine sorted too... massive hole now.. getting deeper.. you going Madrid Shaun ( or is that a stupid question?)
  5. Just a suggestion there are people selling in the ticket exchange thread ...
  6. Oh that's pretty good then, some I looked at took up to 26 hours to get back...:)
  7. What website is that please?
  8. High Power Fox.. I saw that too a couple of times, is your Adobe flash up to date etc.. I got a message to update and now it works. Oops. just seen other replies.. so not the flash... but it did start to work for me after.
  9. Yes please would love to see any of your video work!
  10. That was brilliant, so glad it worked and looked great!! No moans from anyone near me having to hold it!! Well done to all involved.
  11. Would love to tell but sworn to secrecy...
  12. Cant wait for this... just one more sleep, it honestly feels like Christmas Eve from when I was a kid! Tifo is going to be amazing... so much work gone into it, 6 full days of it...
  13. Sending a photo and message tonight, do they go to you and can you tell me if it is too big etc. I have shared this on another Forum also.
  14. Keep checking if you can... just seems to be odd ones.. someone posted yesterday there were a few ..
  15. There are some available on LCFC right now, 50 pounds west stand..