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  1. Also getting the train from Malaga Maria Zambrano Estacion, this train station is about 25 mins from Malaga airport so getting a taxi there. bought tickets online and printed at home. https://www.trainline.eu/trains/malaga-maria-zambrano/sevilla?gclid=CO7p--ewmtICFe8W0wod0QcEHw&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=CLywgeiwmtICFc7jGwod_XgD5Q
  2. Thanks Col... I couldnt get it to load on my phone but looked later... they were 158 euros Friday now 248! Think I will be in a bar too.
  3. Sorry yes meant on the Monday.
  4. How much did you pay? Hope you get your tickets. I have an Amercan passport and wondering whether to try get some from the ground on the day.. as a tourist.
  5. Thanks Krefelder, I wanted to wait til today to buy with member friends so we could sit together... ended up having to go to the store as lcfcdirect was saying I had reached my quota.. and nothing I did would change that.. thanks anyway for taking time to reply.
  6. Will STH who want to move be able to buy tomorrow or will they have to wait til general sale?
  7. Staying right near this.. so thanks for tip.
  8. Yes same ones as I have booked.. thanks.. that 96 is for two of us.
  9. Thanks for the help!! It was only 96 euros for two of us, return... takes a bit longer than yours .. 2 hours 35 mins but we have plenty of time as arriving Sunday afternoon. Thanks again for help..
  10. Thanks, what website did you use? And how much, if you dont mind me asking... thanks.
  11. Has anyone booked their train ticket in advance for travel from Malaga to Seville.. or are most just buying when they get there.. https://loco2.com/journey/malaga-maria-zambrano-sevilla-santa-justa-jsvwq?outbound=7447c4-b95e7f&leg=inbound&inbound=6cf6cc-2308d4
  12. Oh no... praying he will fight through this, amazing man and just Mr Leicester City for me.
  13. Def. not gone to AFCON...looking forward to seeing him on Saturday too.
  14. Dam Bayfox.. you were my first thought too!!
  15. Its and adult.. sent you a pm