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  1. I believe n German, what I've written in Spanish translates as, verdammter Müll
  2. puta basura
  3. Admittedly this won't be for everyone but I genuinely believe this to be one of the best albums of the 90's. (Don't be put off by the artwork). Bizarre and spine tingling at the same time. Paul Draper's use of top line melody is astounding. A criminally underrated band who were superb live. Attack of the Grey Lantern is also a fantastic listen.
  4. Probably. They won 3-0 I remember.
  5. His dad is Paul Barnes who famously scored a hat trick for York City in a League Cup tie at Old Trafford.
  6. No. Morgan is much worse. Amartey for Morgan but either way we're still ****ed.
  7. A reserve team is guaranteed given that we play Sevilla only a few days later in the CL. However, we owe Millwall one from that crushing 3rd round cup exit in '91 so I'm predicting a City win here.
  8. Exactly, he had ample time to get himself into a good position to view the whole incident.
  9. C'mon, let's have some positivity!! I predict we'll at least score tonight.
  10. Yup. Let's drop our Player of the Season by a country mile (despite missing 8 games through injury). That'll help us to our first away win.
  11. Schmeichel Albrighton Amartey Ndidi Chilwell Drinkwater Mendy Kaputska Mahrez Gray Slimani (if fit) What have we got to lose.
  12. Replace Morgan with Amartey at centre half. It's about the only thing we haven't tried and surely he must be better then Wes. Start Chilwell at left back. Currently Ben is the only player, other than Ndidi who looks competent, that has shown any kind of form when he's played yet he can't get a start. At least if we did these two things for the Swansea game then it gives us two more players who are better on the ball, a little bit more composed which should ultimately give us a greater chance of creating opportunities for our attacking players. As is stands we are so devoid of quality on the pitch that these are the ridiculously thin straws that I'm clutching. I'm very, very concerned.
  13. Swindon away was particularly bad but I remember a brilliant 2-0 win at Notts County. Generally we were awful though.
  14. Apologies. There were lots of forgettable days during that season though!