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  1. Please be true ?
  2. How do you know? On 165 with flights etc booked and worrying
  3. Does anyone know if your account gets credited with the points straight after you buy them from lcfc direct?
  4. Offers very little on it.
  5. never understand people who leave early
  6. Anyone who winds up the liberal elite is fine by me.keep up the right wing backlash against the pathetic petition signers. 'The times they are a 'changin'
  7. Er,no he wouldn't, Maradonna was an amazing player who would be in any sane persons best 3 to have ever played in the modern era. Personally I would would say he's easily the best i've ever seen in my 50 years.
  8. Andy king he gets the ball and does **** all Andy,Andy king.?
  9. Long explanation
  10. Must of been a short explanation?
  11. Shocking team selections,substitutions and performances. Ranierri was taking us down,now we have a chance of staying up.
  12. Mango and raita together? Yuck
  13. Typical upper class wannabes,who did more harm than was the work of Millicent fawcett and the suffragists that should be praised.the suffragettes were a bunch of lunatics who backed the government into a corner from which they couldn't give women the vote.pankhursts blew up Lloyd George's house and he was a supporter