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  1. they will be in the Europa league. im assuming they will match whatever deal we come up with
  2. Assuming he was in walsh's little black book, I assume he will be going to Merseyside, especially if they lose barkley
  3. I can think of the bottom six for starters! But the ones already able to plan for next season in the PL will be talking to Gibson's agent now. We tend to go back for targets but im not convinced we will for Ramirez.
  4. I am against video refs - happy with goal line technology and this could be expanded to indicate the ball being out of play all around the pitch imo. It's a matter of fact and the signal to the official is instant. As far as video referral is concerned. - off sides, penalties etc etc - referees and their errors are part of the game. what are we going to talk about if there are no dodgy decisions? if decisions can be instant ( the flag goes up or not) then fine but they can't and that takes away the spontaneity of a goal celebration which is one of the best things about being there. It also seems to dumb down the game. I also believe it will make the official's bottle out of giving decisions because they know the guy in the van will help them out. It happens in rugby all the time now. What's an obvious try is referred upstairs when it should be given immediately, conversion taken and the game moves on. linesmen will not bother to give offsides if they look a bit tight so loads of referrals will be necessary which will, imo, ruin the flow of the game. tonight was a good illustration of what lies in store but it will get worse as time passes. i know people will argue that the right call is made but I just think that wrong decisions are part of the game and we should continue with what we have, warts and all.
  5. The 'fanzone' area in sevilla was poor - there were groups dotted around the city as the area by o Neills was restricted by the main road - was great fun flitting around having a sing song but with the weather so good, it could have been more like Brugges which was memorable. plaza mayor in Madrid could be a hell of an afternoon looking at the size of it if we occupy it en masse
  6. at least he fell over ............
  7. You don't get your tickets until you are on the plane already posted that block 409 is 260 odd and the TC plane plus the corporate allocation of around 50/80 takes care of it. I expect the comp players tickets will be in the main stand rather than with the away supporters. I'm not sure the 200 odd who are on TC with over 185 points will take kindly to being called 'the privileged few' paddy !!
  8. If you have the bottle to now wait then I suspect this is the best policy airlines won't fly with empty seats
  9. If we have continued our good form then he will blame himself for not getting his message across to the players and trying to over complicate things. If the wheels have come off the revival it will be 'open season' though carra will be leading the hunt, not claudio who will attempt to stay controlled and say nothing contraversial
  10. I think we will be outnumbered by Real Madrid fans in the city of Madrid?
  11. Most of the bars will be showing the Munich v real game
  12. It's his version of a half and half scarf! Lcfc and algeria (madrid play in white .........)
  13. I have suddenly found a business trip requirement for that wed/thurs in central spain. I'm saving my air miles for the semi ! I have very understanding partners (that doesn't extend to my domestic one!) you can still do wed/thurs from Gatwick for approx. £330 return
  14. British embassy in morocco screwed up Burkino Faso players visa apps so couldn't get enough players over apparently Nigeria are putting on a practice match for whoever turns up
  15. Just outside St Albans would be great ?