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  1. We don't even know what kind of 'revolt' there was. All paper talk. If the owners call a meeting and ask the players for their thoughts are they supposed to lie about things or state their feelings ?? too many things are being assumed to be fact
  2. Intererestingly he said in his presser that rudkin asked him to take the team for the next game - not until they find a new manager. Soecifically the next game. The talk about having no one lined up may be vacuous.
  3. We sang his name at the end of the game Wednesday and he waved back His statement makes me really sad but we have been shagged by managers walking out on us in the past and no one cared about our well being then so it's just the way it is im afraid. No room for sentiment. a real shame they couldn't find a way of him leaving by mutual consent. Now I fear the weirder stuff about his behaviour will inevitably come out to defend the clubs action and detract from his achievements.
  4. Pre season ? what were they expecting to see. one of the most bizarre pieces of journalism I read today - indicates absolutely nothing.
  5. And when he restates that the differences that existed 20 months ago are still the same those talks will be short!
  6. If shakey puts out the same team and plays the same formation then the players are on a hiding to nothing if they get a result. He has to change something and I think a formation tweak is most likely
  7. This was not the first time that the players had voiced their concerns also, someone said they saw the owners at Sevilla airport wed after the game Who is wrong ?????
  8. There is a lot gone on behind the scenes that we will likely never ever find out due to confidentialty agreements etc any other owners probably wouldn't have given Claudio this long We move on just as we have always done after a manger leaves. Let's hope the next appointment reaps as big rewards as the last two have
  9. I like the bit where he says all monies are to be re invested in the club. That's the most significant bit to me and pretty well guarantees our future.
  10. Not sure about Mancini as I posted last night but on the plus side we can keep the ranieri song and just change the name
  11. Expect to see three at the back
  12. He should have more pride than to even consider a return - that's for sure.
  13. I don't want to go through the stress of two seasons ago again. Completely cut adrift and needed a miracle. if Nigel comes back as first team coach then I believe we will stay up and then struggle again next season. He may may be a short term answer but we aren't going to rehire him for 13 games so it's a no from me.
  14. No for the sake of both parties
  15. I prey we don't get tactically taken to the cleaners on Monday evening. Effort will only get us so far. We are playing a very good team. It's one thing confusing players with our set up but they need to know the opposition inside out. Hopefully all that was pre prepared for Monday and it isn't on Claudio's laptop!