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  1. Hopefully Ramos or someone can nobble Griezmann before the first leg
  2. That's why we take short corners sometimes (much to the intense anger of people who sit near me), it moves defenders out of position and creates different angles. Hope to see more of the same. Set pieces are so under utilised by almost all teams. Get creative.
  3. Don't think purchasing footballer's registration works like that. Think we'd have to try and sell him if we didn't want to play him anymore. Nice idea though mate.
  4. Better looking than Bale
  5. Has always looked decent in his all too infrequent appearances. Defo worth keeping around. Loved the free kick effort as well.
  6. We are seriously flagging. No subs and we blow this
  7. Think Vardy can hurt these on the break. Keep the same application as Tuesday and we should win. Would be great to string some results together and pull clear ahead of Atletico.
  8. Dyche is a decent manager but I've genuinely never seen anyone with a bigger chip on his shoulder. Absolutely unreal.
  9. Woke up at 6am on my day off. Haven't been this excited since the run in.
  10. Rocchi was it? He was excellent.
  11. 2-2. Vardy opens the scoring early. Valiant effort, but too much class from them in attack.
  12. Gutted I only had £20 on at 3.8. Should have gone bigger, and could have got a better price. Good news though. Now beat Sevilla.
  13. If we score early it could be legendary. Can't bloody wait.
  14. Interesting stuff. Does seem to indicate why Pearson has struggled without him (and Walsh)
  15. Shinji at the end