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  1. We said that this time last year against Germany in all fairness though I have a lot higher hopes with Southgate in charge than I ever did Woy
  2. No fox travels alone make sure you get your City shirt on and we will spot you. Well probably be around the bar If your stopping in Centre of Madrid we might as well jump in same taxi?
  3. On the flight on the way out but come back later on the Friday
  4. I agree with you, this is why it will never come into effect. The FA/ Premier League can set as many rules in place as they can but ultimately can't run the clubs and as you said the decision on whether a manager should stay or go should lay with the owners as it is unfortunately more of a business nowadays. I think it would be nice to see some managers given more time, as a coach looking to climb the football pyramid myself I know how hard opportunities. Personally I don't think clubs or the FA do enough to bring through quality home grown managers (minus ex pros), the FA say they provide the best courses in the world etc but how many quality English managers is there available? Whenever an England manager is sacked we are pretty much scrapping the barrel to find at least 2 leading candidates who are English. Allow clubs to sack and set their compensation packages (it is a results business and shouldn't be dictated when they can and can't sack if performances/results aren't good enough) but only allow them to hire at certain times could allow some coaches the opportunity to shine (shakey example), raises the standard of coaching - anyone who managers in the Prem needs to hold a Pro license so will see more coaches with the highest form of qualification and can potentially create more homegrown coaches. Not saying it's right but maybe a thought? If if we still had an open transfer window how many players would of been sold this season due to what some considered as being either a poor player, bad form or past it. Maybe imposing some sort of manager transfer window would potential see less sacking as clubs may be more incline to take risks with certain managers (Bradley at Swansea?) and may be forced to develop more of a long term plan to work with managers. Granted every manager/ player signing is a risk no matter how high or low their reputation is within the game.
  5. I'm not saying he is right but I can see why maybe the LMA would back this. This would stop the likes of Leeds in previous seasons, Forest, Derby and co hiring and firing at free will. Some managers aren't given enough time to be able to get their ideas across, there was plenty who wanted Pearson out during the Great Escape season. There is too many factors involved why it wouldn't work; performance related, failed objectives, short term contract etc Looking on the flip side it could work having some sort of hiring window rather than a sacking window? Coaching opportunities at the elite level is rare and some coaches aren't given the opportunity to progress. Maybe clubs should be allowed to sack a manager when they like but are only allowed to sign a manager during the player transfer window - this will allow coaches within the club the opportunity to take over first team duties and showcase their skills, similar to the situation currently with Shakespeare and maybe make some club owners more considerate with their appointments/ irrational decisions.
  6. I've been trying to find out where City fans are, not sure if it's a good idea to be near or not. Sweet, might have to look into them!
  7. Ah ok cool, I'll check it out. I've seen 206 but guessing that below City fans? Do do you know if the boxes are shared?
  8. Anyone in block 206?
  9. Anyone that has got tickets, what blocks are city fans sitting in? Seeing tickets on on websites but not sure what block to go for?
  10. Anyone used someone else's season ticket for champions league this season? Can you change the name on tickets and did you get any hassle collecting tickets?
  11. It was an important win, sitting on 30 points now gives us some space and good chance of survival. Will be interesting to see how we approach the Palace game in between Madrid games. Personally id be happy to throw the Everton game and pick up 7 points from Palace, Stoke and Sunderland - sticks is on 37 points which is pretty much survival with a few games left to play in the season and hopefully fresh side to give Madrid a good game.
  12. I get the whole 'give the lad time' some players struggle to adapt to the demands of a new league, new country etc. yes we have seen glimpses of his potential but unfortunately they are very few and far between. If he looked to have any form of desire to play for starters it would go along way to the fans - many players have struggled but at least look as if you are trying to do something. There have been too many occasions now literally the basics of football have failed with him; pass the ball, control a receiving ball, running with the ball in easy circumstances, that to me isn't someone who needs time to settle, it is someone who is playing at a level way beyond their current ability.
  13. Fraudster. Didnt we get warned about how poor he actually is before we signed him from some Nigerian fans and we dismissed them? I like to give players time before making an opinion on them but he is technically poor and looks to show no fight/desire for the team when he is given a chance.
  14. Yeah that's true. We've had 2 big games close together. We we need to keep the momentum going and hit that 40 point mark asap. West Ham are physical and was always going to be a big test, we couldn't afford to make radical changes throughout so proud all the players dug deep and got the win.