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  1. True. His kind of transfer is left for the likes of United where he'll turn shit and end up playing for Lyon by 2020
  2. Habits change. I refuse to accept that a club that can accept a player known for his bad conduct on the field would rule out Mahrez simply because he's turned up late to training a few times
  3. Because he raised Mahrez's conduct as a reason they wouldn't buy him? Did you even read his post?
  4. You serious? They bought Suarez while he was still banned for biting ffs
  5. Served Liam Moore when I worked in M&S Loughborough while at college, guy bought A LOT of chicken
  6. Even better, highlights of the Championship winning season that got us here. Still get goosebumps.
  7. But do Sevilla have Schmeichel?
  8. Naming my firstborn Kasper, male or not
  9. Give Schmeichel a knighthood
  11. except us, we know we're fvcked regardless
  12. Got to ask, did you deliberately pull the quote from a play about a Roman leader getting stabbed in the back? Looked sick tho